Thunder Monsters!!!! Viable alternative for Loud Pipes!!!!
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    Thunder Monsters!!!! Viable alternative for Loud Pipes!!!!

    Ok here it is. I have mentioned it a couple of times in different posts but never really threw it out there. About two months ago Tim (Intimid8er) threw me a piece of cheese (being the bling happy mouse that I am) about a new company that he ran across.

    We had talked about the fact that the Hard Krome 3" Big Straights that I purchased were obnoxious, loud, ear rattling, unenjoyable to ride with, and if that wasn't enough I lost low end torque and lost mpg. Sure the top end was better,, but who is really running their cruiser at WOT all the time to really feel the benefits?????

    So he told me about this website and said that I ought to check them out and it might solve my problems. So I logged onto their website and read all the information they had to offer. I then called the company direct and spoke with some VERY knowledgable and helpful people. In an age where customer service is a dying artform,, I found some new artists where they excelled in helping me out.

    Looking over what exactly the product was,, I was VERY SKEPTICAL to say the least. Their product in essence is a piece of pipe with a few compression bends in it and the key factor is this bolt like thing with a washer welded to the end of it that they call the Thunder Bolt.

    What this baffle looking thing does is disturb the exhaust flow creating turbulence at the ends of the pipe which lowers the tone of the exhaust making it a deeper more Thunderous rumble and not that higher pitched rattle sound. An added benefit is that the turbulence creates backpressure which is a good thing since open drag pipes and the Hard Kromes especially lose backpressure. This backpressure helps the motor regain its torque that was lost.

    So upon telling the lady I spoke with about what I had she knew the part number and she also told me to order some straight thru baffles from Hard Krome since the design of the pipes have the inner stove pipe. She told me I could expect a deeper rumble that would sound more like a hot rod of the 60's versus the glass shatterers I have now. I could also expect to see an increase in gas mileage again and alot of the power I lost restored.

    SOLD!!!!! I ordered the ThunderMonsters and I ordered the straight thru baffles from Hard Krome. She also told me to get some red high temp RTV as well.

    When they came in I pulled the original baffles out and I tried the straight thru baffles without the Thundermonsters in them just to see how they sounded. WORSE!!!!! It was even louder and more ear shattering than before,, even a Harley sounds quite next to these things. So now I am even more skeptical,, so I pull the baffles back out and I continue with the installation.

    The installation involves you drilling a hole large enough to pass the Thundermonsters secure bolt threads thru and oversized slightly in the outer part of the straight thru baffle to allow the head of the bolt to recess slightly.

    I measured from the rear flange of the HK baffle 5" (as recommended by the tech,,the directions say 2"-3") and made sure the Thundermonster was oriented correctly by test fitting the new baffle and then I drilled my secure hole.

    Once the hole was drilled I inserted the Thundermonster with the Thunderbolt facing towards the engine, put some high temp loctite on the secure bolts threads and tightened the ThunderMonster into the new baffle. ThunderMonsters can be reversed to create a louder sound she said,,hmmm,,not interested. So it faces towards the engine to this day where it will remain.

    I then put a generous amount of red RTV on the inside lip of the baffle in a circle. This is so that when you slide the baffle back over the stove pipe coming off of the engine then when it dries it will help keep the pipes from making a rattle metal to metal sound.

    Then once the new baffles were installed I put more loctite on the baffle securing bolts,,, put the HK's end caps back on,, and pushed the bike in the shed for a day to allow the RTV and the Loctite to cure.

    DAY TWO----
    I go outside and fire the bike up,,,, WOW!!!!!!
    It is loud still,, louder than the stock baffles,, not as loud as the straight thru baffles,, but it is a much deeper exhaust note. It sits there with a camming sound,, everyone thinks I installed a cam in it. It truly has a Thundering sound to it.

    I take it out on the road for it's maiden voyage with the new exhaust. Getting on it to see how it reacts I notice it is alot quicker off the line, it gets to top end alot quicker than before, and seems really quick at top end as well.

    The exhaust sound,, instead of that slapping sound I was getting going down the highway at constant speed,, now I get this,, bump bump bump bump bump sound now. Alot lower pitched,, good deeper tone,, and actually you can stand it now. Almost not noticeable at highway speeds. Accelerating people still know you are coming,, it is still loud,, but it doesn't send the dogs sreaming in terror from the high pitched sound.

    Gas mileage,, I have regained about two to three mpg again. I lost almost ten mpg when I installed the pipes and did the re-jet. Now around town with the occasional hard acceleration and the blipping of the throttle to say "Hey,,look at me..." I still get about 35 mpg. On the highway at reasonable speeds (70 mph) I am getting around 39-40 mpg. So I lost about 5 mpg from stock on the highway,, about 6 mpg in the city.

    Now they say that a re-tune may be needed if the bike runs richer or poorer,, I had the shop adjust the mixture and re-synch my carbs,,but it may or may not be neccessary. Just check the bike as per the instructions.

    I know that Hard Krome is saying they are developing new baffles for their pipes,, don't hold your breath. I have a guy in my riding club that has been waiting for a year and a half for that baffle.

    I have gotten NUMEROUS thumbs up,, lots of fellow riders have told me my bike sounds really good,, the lady in my club that hated my pipes before said it wasn't that bad riding behind me Sunday. Now I will not be forced to ride in the back of the pack if I do not want to.

    I was asked by several people about this installation. They called me and asked to listen to my bike and upon hearing it they ordered the setup as well. I have gotten several responses to this with "Thank You" or "I am so happy that you told me about this" and so on. They are happy as well.

    On the Intruder alert forum there have been numerous people complaining about the Hard Krome sound as well,, I am hearing that they are trying this as well. This opens up alot of possibilities for numerous pipe options that you may have not considered before.

    The Thundermonsters come in different sizes and will fit a variety of pipes,, stock or aftermarket. They will want you to measure you I.D of the pipe when placing the order and they will want to make sure you have a pipe design that will accommodate the installation. Just give them a call and see what they can do for you.

    With all the negative customer service we see from other companies,, I feel that this company deserves recognition for their product and outstanding customer service. Here is their website..... ....... Check it out and I hope this helps. If this helps and you have been in the same boat as I,, send a thanks to Tim for this cheese!!!!
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the info Bro
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    Thanks for the info... hmmm... note to self "must have funds for thundermonsters!!!"
    Cash Only!!!

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    Dude. You could have avoided all this trouble by getting the Hardkrome strippers. The come with a flow through baffle. They sound good, look good and I get lots of comlements.

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    c 90 I want to sound better

    So you have hard krome 3" with the thunder in them? thanks


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