XVS 950 - Dead/Help diagnosing issue
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    XVS 950 - Dead/Help diagnosing issue

    Hi all, Ive got a XVS950 2011, with 40,492 miles on the clock, which ran fine up until the end of last month. i was on the motorway, in the heavy rain and after around 50 miles the bike started to choke and splutter dropping down to 1 cylinder, giving it more revs managed to get it moving again as it should for another 5/10 miles, at which point it died, so i got into the hard shoulder and checked over it theres an error code 33 on the LCD and the engine management light is on.

    The very little info i can find is that error code 33 is for "open circuit in coil 1" so i bought 2 new OEM coils, which i fitted but the bike wont start on both cylinders, and the error code is still present. The bike will start but only on the 1 cylinder (Rear cylinder)

    Heres what i've done so far;

    • 2 New OEM coils fitted, 2 new HT leads, 2 new Plug caps.
    • Checked both spark plugs are fine (checked just in case)
    • Checked both coils have a live (11.80v) to them.
    • Checked the HT leads for continuity and both are fine.
    • Rechecked all the wires going to the coil/connections.

    Ive got the wiring diagram for the bike but i cant seem to find any info on how to test for a pulse, or if it picks up both coil 1 & 2 pulses from the same feed or 2 different feeds, If i could find that out that'd help narrow it down a little.

    I've just tried taking the 2 wires (orange and a red/black one) of the bottom of the 1st coil and put them on the 2nd coil then turned ignition on, the error code was still present, so if im right that rules out a bad coil as the error code would go, least i think it would.

    In the wiring diagram the orange wire goes to the ECU and the red/black wire goes to a relay, kill switch. But if the relay or kill switch was at fault surely it'd affect both coils, plus that is the live feed, which ive tested for and both coils are getting a live feed (11.80v)

    So im at a loss now as to what else it could be or how to trace down the issue, has anybody had this, or any ideas etc? Thanks

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    REPLACE those plugs first.
    No amount of "checking" is good enough.
    Don't believe everything that you think.

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    Heavy rain gives some idea...I know Ken doesnt like the stuff but a can of WD40 is good for finding electrical faults esp caused by water ingress. Spray all handle bar switches and all wiring connections....ditto all fuses and relays.

    I suspect the rain has got in somewhere and caused a short. I would do each section separately then try to start the bike to try and localise any fault.

    Also try find out what the code is....as it will specify what is actually failing.

    Good luck...ps I suspect you live in the UK due to the term motorway yes? Rain and cold weather make for such good motorcycling fun!
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    Smoke me a kipper I'll be home in time for breakfast

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    Vulcan 900, Can-AM Spyder
    Ocala, FL
    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Steve View Post
    Heavy rain gives some idea...I know Ken doesnt like the stuff but a can of WD40 is good for finding electrical faults......
    You mis-quote me.

    WD leaves a sticky film if you let it dry in place.
    It does have good solvents though and IS good for cleaning switches and connectors on a bike.
    It just should be cleaned out afterwards.......and never used on relay contacts.
    Don't believe everything that you think.


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