Going to a cruiser. Looking for thoughts, input and experiences
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    Going to a cruiser. Looking for thoughts, input and experiences

    Ok guys, this one's probably been out there a number a times, so...here it is again.

    Decided to ride again. This time, a cruiser. Several past bikes all street including an 06 FJR1300 and my last one an 06 Interceptor.
    Just sold the Interceptor last fall.

    My dilemma. I've narrowed my choice down to a few bikes including the Vulcan 900, however, in reading around I've heard a number of people say, it's not enough bike. So I've also been investigating 1300's, no carb, only fuel injected. Either way, I want liquid cooked, no air cooled.

    I'm looking for what your experiences have been. Go big, or is a 900 big enough?

    I'm about 5'10, 200lbs & 55. I know how the FJR was to move around @ 650lbs, big cruiser any better?
    Last, but not least, I still like to do the twisties at times.

    Thanks for your input guys!

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    The only way you're going to know if it's powerful enough for you is to ride it.

    As for the twisties, power cruisers work a little better usually but they are still cruisers and won't offer as much lean angle.

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    Without knowing your intentions, it's hard to say. 800-900 is always a good choice, unless you want more power, then step up to 1200-1500. Then insane power comes after that. I briefly had a Honda Fury. I liked the engine, but not the overall ride. I nearly traded it for the Interstate. Same engine, less rake, plus windshield and bags. It would have been a good choice, but I decided at the last minute to trade for a C90T. More power, but not insane (I have the M109R for that) and more passenger friendly. Now, had I bought the Interstate 1st, I would still have it. It sits low, if you want that. If you don't want hard bags and a shield, then look at a Stateline. So, what are your intentions, local cruising or travel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gski02 View Post
    I'm looking for what your experiences have been. Go big, or is a 900 big enough?
    I think the 900 is plenty for one-up riding, within legal limits.

    For a V-twin, it likes to rev more than most.

    Where are you located ? I have one that might be for sale in the not too distant future.

    But like others said, only YOU can really make the call on what YOU will be satisfied with.
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    I'm with Q. I have a C-90 and I really enjoy it. I am 53, 6'5" and 245 lbs and I find it has the right power for me, handles very well in a turn (but it is not a crotch rocket) and I really like the low center of gravity compared to many cruisers.

    That said, you will never know for sure until you take a few models out on the road. For example, many love Kawi and they are beautiful bikes, but I found out quick they really suck if you have long legs. I would not get that in a review, but as soon as I rod for a few minutes and my legs were falling asleep, I know ... not for me.

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    To be honest, I'm not sure any cruiser is gonna match the kind of power you're already used to. Since you're used to power, all you really need to concern yourself with is, can you handle the extra weight? And you still need to consider the kind of riding you plan to do. If you're gonna be on the highways, you really don't wanna be underpowered.
    As for good cruisers that can still handle the twisties, I would only ever consider the suzuki m109 or the '14-'15 honda valkyrie. The 109 has a bit lower COG and feels better even at slow speeds. I preferred the valk in every other respect: quieter, smoother and slightly better lean angle. I don't think of the Diavel or Vmax as cruisers since they're so fugly (and the vmax has horrible range, about 100 miles) so never considered them.
    I can't really compare to sportbikes, I've only ever ridden a ninja 600 and it was quite peppy and not that comfortable for my 5'6 frame.
    I needed a bike that could be an all-rounder so that's why I settled on the valk. It is heavy, though it probably wouldn't be as much of an issue for you. I'm only 160lbs so I need to pay extra attention during slow speed maneuvers.
    Your budget and what kinda riding you plan to do are really important considerations though. Test ride as many as you can. If you get a chance to ride a 9 or valk though, I think you'll figure out pretty quickly what will work for you.

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