how do i shave my seat?
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    how do i shave my seat?

    i would like to shave the seat on my bike by approx. 1 - 1-1/2" but i am unsure how to go about this. i was thinking that i could take the cover off and measure and mark the foam with a magic marker. then using a bread knife carefully cut along my marks, restreach and reattach the seat cover. if anyone has done something like this before i'd be interested in how you did it and how it turned out. there is also a place near here that recovers car seats and i was thinking of talking to them and seeing if they could shave the seat for me. any idea what would be the best way to go with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nytrashman
    how do i shave my seat?
    Mirror. Shaving cream. Razor.


    Wife/Significant Other. Shaving cream and a razor.

    Just kidding man!

    The way you described it is the way to do it. I've tried it. It works, but I'm just not satisfied with the way it came out. Plus remember this. The stock foam is pretty lousy. After some time in the saddle, your body weight compresses it, and you end up sitting on the pan. Now you are shaving that awful foam thinner, and giving yourself less pad to compress.

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    I used sandpaper on a block of wood for re-conturing the seat, when I inserted gell pads. You may think you need to shave an inch or so, but 1/4" - 1/2" is all you may really need, a little can feel like alot, it's easier to remove more, than try and add it. I helped my son with the seat on his track GSX-R 600, so he could hang off the seat better. He thought he needed about an inch off the top. But after contouring we ended up removing about 1/4". Cut (Sand) and fit, sand and fit, is the safest. Not all that hard, just be patient. A good smooth sanding job, with no gouges, is necessary for a professional looking job. Any gouges or dips, will telegraph through the covering, and be noticable.

    Good luck
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    NYTRASHMAN, you can refer to the videos on the website for as a sample and they describe the process verbally as well. Hope it helps. I found a link using SEARCH on this forum where one of the members described the process he used also. Jim

    ps. Believe you will find their base of operations in PA somewhere.

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    thanks for the advice. i contacted a local company that recovers auto seats and i am going to bring the seat to them tomorrow for as est. on having them shave the seat a little. the seat is from a 2006 DR200, which has a low seat height to start but i put a set of Dunlop D606 DOT knobbies on the bike and it now sits a little to high (i'm only 5'2") for me to feel 100% comfortable in tight trails. if the company i take the seat to tomorrow is too expensive, i'll give the sand paper method a try myself.

    thanks again


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