1983 Honda V65 Magna
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    Question 1983 Honda V65 Magna

    I am wanting to get back to the street bikes and I have a chance to get a '83 Honda Magna v65. The bike according to the odometer only has 10250kms or so on it(which I find hard to beleive for the year). The bike seems to be in excellent shape for the year by the pictures I have seen. I was going to do a trade with the guy for my 2000 Yamaha Wolverine worth about $2000.

    My question to all out there would it be worth the trade or should I run away and never look back?

    I have been doing some reading on the Magna and know of some of the issues but also if the mileage is correct is there a way to be able to confirm some of the know issues?(special the cam problem)

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Having a bit of experience with older bikes, unless you really want to learn how to repair these things and / or have good relations with a mech, I would tend to walk away.

    Especially if this "deal" isn't in running condition.
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    It depends on the condition of the bike. In most cases if the oil was changed regularly the cams should be good. Listen to the engine closely. Usually if the valves are quiet the cams are ok. I have 2 83 V65 Magna's. One with 42,000 miles and one with 33,000 miles. I would ride either one anywhere and not worry about having to fix them. If the bike sounds quiet and dose not slip out of second gear it is worth the price. However this is not a beginner bike. I don't know your riding ability, but if you are not experienced be careful. A good Magna will put out about 105 horsepower to the rear wheel. It will make most modern cruisers look slow including my M109R.

    As far as the second gear problem goes, only bikes that have had the crap run out of them have any problems. To test the second gear just run through second gear hard. If you have a problem it will slip out.

    I really love the Magna, the funnest bikes I have ever owned.
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    For $2000 you should be able to get a much newer bike than a 30 year old Magna. But if you don't want the bother of selling teh ATV and buying a bike, $2000 is not an unreasonable price for the Magna if it is in excellent condition. Please note that I did not say "excellent condition for its age", I said "excellent condition, period." For that price in a private sale the bike should be in very near showroom condition.
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    Well did you or didn't you? Would like to know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrBob View Post
    For $2000 you should be able to get a much newer bike than a 30 year old Magna. .
    I realize this is an old thread - but it's still on the first page of the Honda section so I read it before noticing the date of the original post. Too bad the OP never responded as to whether or not he did the trade.

    I have been a Magna fan since I had a 1982 V45 - I currently have a 1994 Magna (among other bikes). While a 30 year old bike sounds old, condition is everything - probably more so with a Honda than most bikes. That aside, the V65 was only made for 3 short years, so there aren't any that are significantly newer than the '83 which was the second of the three years it was sold....

    Without riding a Magna, it's hard to appreciate how special those bikes were. Like many other fans of the bike, I hope that Honda will get back to putting their amazing V4 engines into cruisers - wishful thinking for a 4th generation Magna. My '82 was a first gen., my '94 is a 3rd...and last generation Magna - sold virtually unchanged from '94-2003. It's a 750cc like the first gen (second was a 700cc) - the V65 was about 1100cc and was (I believe) the fastest production bike money could buy when introduced. Then the Yamaha V-Max came out, was even more powerful (also a V4 engine) - Suzuki also sold a V4 cruiser soon after the Magnas came out, but like the V65, it was discontinued after a very short time (I've never even seen one). The VMax has finally been modernized - it was always the fastest, but seemed to have a reputation for only being capable of going straight (although with incredible acceleration). The Magnas, on the other hand can go through turns about as well as any cruiser made today, 30 years later.

    BTW, as far as the price, maybe it's because I'm in S. Florida where the motorcycle season is long, but the going prices for Magnas would seem to make $2000 for a V65 seem low. The smaller and far less rare V45, from the early 80s, through the 700cc "2nd generation" bike seem to sell privately for around $2000 - I haven't seen many V65 Magnas to have much of an idea of their fair market value - there were not many made, most were probably ridden quite hard, and there were problems with the cams in the first year's bikes. But if a 1982 V45 in good shape can fetch $2K, (I've seen the 700cc "tariff beater" gen. 2 bikes sell for closer to $3K), I would think that a V65 in very good condition would certainly be more than a good deal at $2,000.



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