Bestem backrest
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Thread: Bestem backrest

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    Bestem backrest

    Howdy all. I spend a lot of time on this site and decided to go ahead and sign up. Tons of good info on here. I love it...

    So I just ordered a bestem backrest from I tried searching the forum but found little info. I did find one thread on how a member had difficulty mounting the backrest. I was wondering if anyone can offer any experience with this product. I'm not very mechanically inclined so I'm hoping all goes well. It looks as though it should be simple enough. Just wondering how this went for others.


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    '05 M50 Black
    Watervliet, NY
    One tip that can't be repeated enough- DO NOT remove both fender support bolts at the same time on a side...realignment if both are removed at once will be a REAL PITA...

    Other than that, I only have experience with the factory backrest and hardware, but the Bestem kit is similar. (The mounting plate is similar to the Suzuki Billet plates)

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    to M-J Josh!

    Hopefully someone can help you out.

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    Hey Bigfish....welcome!

    Say, here's a post from my thread some while back.....

    I'm not sure if my issue with the bolts will come into play, I'm not that "inclined" myself......hopefully all will work out, it's a very good back rest-IMO.....if ya have any trouble, we'll do what we can ta help you out.

    Good luck.
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    WOW! That is a really good deal! $169 for the pad, frame, & mounting brackets! let us know how the install went & post some pictures. I might just buy one myself!
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    Be careful of the fender. I scratched mine up pretty good putting the backrest on.

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    XO Check out the post listed Potential Owner. I have posted pics of my Mapam set up $207.00 backrest & rack.

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    NW PA
    I did the install myself, same backrest.

    Be Careful.

    If you do not have the correct tools available you will scratch your paint.

    If you are scared, take it to your dealer. (if your dealer won't install it, find a new dealer.)

    or find a "NON" affiliated shop who will do your accessory install.

    You may have to remove factory bolts and replace with the supplied bolts from kit, do not be frightened by this.

    Do it. Put -your- backrest on -your- bike.

    Don't pay the $300 plus $100 install fee for a backrest that the dealer wants you to pay.

    Look at it, be careful of what you are doing and it can be on your bike in about 20 minutes...if you are mechanically inclined.

    If you can't turn a wrench without an act of God, then have your dealer put it on the bike.


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    2006 Suzuki M50

    Bestem Backrest problems too

    Hello folks. I just found this forum and was hoping to get a little help mounting my backrest. I ordered the Bestem backrest and luggage rack and seem to be having the darnedest time putting it all together. I've read a couple of threads here about mounting this particular backrest, but one issue I'm having that I haven't seen addressed is with the luggage rack. When I place the luggage rack inside the backrest brackets/legs, it doesn't fit flush. The brackets from the luggage rack actually seem to bow in at the bottom bolt holes leaving a gap between the backrest leg and the luggage rack bracket. Is this right or do I have a defective luggage rack with bent brackets? I'm a visual kind of guy, so if anyone can provide some photo's from the rear of their backrest to show me the correct mounting procedure I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for your time,

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    My Bike(s)
    2006 Suzuki M50


    I finally figured it all out. Got the backrest on and it looks pretty good (I like the look of the bike better without it, but this will help get my wife on the bike with me more often).


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    Clutch Cadet
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    Eastern Shore, MD
    Quote Originally Posted by AMMOHANK View Post
    I finally figured it all out. Got the backrest on and it looks pretty good (I like the look of the bike better without it, but this will help get my wife on the bike with me more often).

    Glad you figured it out. That's why my sissy bar and bags are on--so she can ride a little more comfortably!
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    Puddle Runner
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    2006 M50
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    I don't think anybody likes the look of a sissy bar. All of us running one is for the benefit of our significant other.

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    U.B's LoveChild
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    2006 Suzuki M50 Blue with C50 Rear Fender
    Syracuse, Ny
    I have the Bestem combo as well, and really like it for the price. I have had it for 4 years and it has held up very well with no rusted areas yet, but then I keep it clean and polished.

    I didn't know exactly where to put the 4 spacers so I put them between the inside face of the support bracket and the outside face of the backrest bar. This also allowed me to space out the support bracket from the fender support by installing stainless steel fender washers between them so that water and dirt would not set in the tight crevis created by the two parts being bolted tight together, also making it a brease to wash this area out and to be able to polish the chrome on the mating faces. I got this idea from seeing some other brackets mounted on bikes with a space between the bracket and the fender support. I put 3 or 4 washers on the front bolts and 5 or 6 on the rear bolts, as the supports taper inward at the rear bolts.

    BTW: The outside diameter of the fender washers ended up being the proper size to fit into the flattened out areas around the bolt holes on the fender supports so that they look just fine. You can't really tell that they are washers at all. It just looks liks small spacers.

    Also, as mentione above, do not take out both the front and rear mounting bolts at the same time, and be very carfull about installing the bolts for the backrest support, or you will scratch the side of the fender. Be carful, think through what you are doing, and you should have not trouble.
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    For those who are style concious...

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Hamster View Post
    I don't think anybody likes the look of a sissy bar. All of us running one is for the benefit of our significant other.
    Well, now you can have the best of both worlds... a sissy bar for wife in 5 seconds and removable for solo riding in 5 sec w/ National Cycle's Paladin Quick-Release sissybar.

    Click the 'video' link for a visual demo. Just know that you have to buy both the sissy bar ($130) and the quick-release mounting kit. ($260) so looking at 400 for the whole setup (w/ no luggage rack, which is optional).

    National Cycle Quick Release Sissy Bar Mounting Kit

    IMO it's worth it if you do a fair amount of both 2-up and solo riding as I do.
    Also, it looks good with the lines of the bike. Good solid hardware w/ chrome finish too. A Snap to install.

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