oil leak
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Thread: oil leak

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    oil leak

    I have a í67 Honda CL160 that I have completely restored. Iíve started the bike and itís running but not great. Two problems.

    First I have a fairly significant oil leak that is showing up around the left side exhaust. The oil appears to be leaking out from around the exhaust pipe. Itís not the tappet cover cap, or valve cover. Iíve also looked around the point base housing, but I canít see any significant oil. The engine isnít smoking, so would that rule out a broken ring?

    Second question is on adjusting the carburetors. Is there a starting point for the air and stop screws, such as 2 turns from stop? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ed1966ss View Post
    The engine isnít smoking, so would that rule out a broken ring?

    Is there a starting point for the air and stop screws, such as 2 turns from stop? Thanks
    I wouldn't rule out a ring problem, stuck, broken or just worn out.....without a compression test. Also could be oil coming in around an exhaust valve because of a bad valve guide seal. I guess it is possible to have an oil leak like that due to a head gasket problem........but I doubt it.

    2 turns from closed would probably be a good starting point for the mixture screws. The "stop" screws are just a mechanical throttle stop and both need to be in exactly the same place and set to accomplish the correct idle speed.
    That adjustment is referred to as synchronization and a vacume operated "tool" is used to set them together. There should be a "master" idle speed screw that affects both of them together for setting the idle speed.
    Once the individual ones are set, they should not be moved.

    Come to think of it.....there is usually one master speed screw and then one individual one to set the sync.

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    The most common sources of oil leaks from exhaust ports are, in order:
    - a gasket above it, like for a cam cover or valve cover, leaking down the side of the engine and dripping off the exhaust pipe
    - worn or broken rings that let oil leak past and get blown out the exhaust
    - a plugged or broken breather, causing crank case pressure to rise and push oil past the rings (the leak will get worse the longer the bike runs)
    - bad valve seals, allowing oil to leak past the valves (though this is almost universally accompanied by blue smoke on initial engine start up)

    A lack of smoke does not rule out the rings, one of the most common causes, because if the motor runs poorly and you only ran it briefly then it did not get hot enough to ignite all that oil and cause smoke.
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