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    1980 Suzuki GS550L

    1980 Suzuki GS550L idle speed adjustment screw backed out all the way - how do I get

    1980 Suzuki GS550L idle speed adjustment screw backed out all the way - how do I get it back in?

    I accidently unscrewed the idle speed adjustment screw all the way out after trying to bring the RPM's down from 5500 (with no choke on & no throttle usage). Prior to this happening, I felt underneath the carbs for the adjustment screw and had a hard time getting to it and getting it to move (bike had previously ran 3 yrs ago so I figured no adjustments to throttle cable/choke linkage or idle screw were going to be necessary) but finally felt less resistance going counterclockwise so off I went rolling it with 1 finger until I felt it "pop" out of the threads. I'm not sure if the spring is still in place but the adjustment screw is loose/wobbly. It is still in the "guide" that is attached via a fuel bowl screw. I had removed the carbs while they were still attached to the rail (a pain to do but necessary) and tore carbs apart; cleaning every port/jet and setting floats to 22mm. Put carbs back on the bike (another pain to do). Had to prime the fuel line & fill fuel bowls by sucking on the vacuum line of the tank as it would not start with choke. When it did start with full choke, it finally revved up so I pushed in the choke (off) - it still stayed at 5500 rpm without choke or touching the throttle - checked throttle (quick twist) & it revved even higher then settled back to 5500 rpm thus my attempt to "back off" the idle speed adjustment screw that connects all 4 carbs to 1 throttle cable. I backed it all the way counterclockwise & no difference in rpms. Am I going the wrong way? My Clymer service/repair/performance book (covering 1972-1984 Suzuki GS550 Fours) doesn't address this issue other than showing a drawing of the carb rail with the location of the adjustment screw and it can also be seen on the carbeurator diagram breakdown (ajustment screw, guide and spring) but it doesn't explain how to put it back in/on if my condition happens. I don't want to take the carbs out again - pain! I've done it twice in 15 years & don't care to ever do it again. Any help is appreciated. I know I touched on several problems in this one post, so thanks in advance and sorry for being so longwinded.
    Does anyone have a set of these carbs out where you can turn them over (fuel bowl side up) and take a picture of the idle speed adjustment screw's knurled thumbscrew knob/shaft where it attaches to the throttle rail - so I can see how it attaches and maybe figure this out? thanks again.

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    I know this is a really old post, but did you ever figure this out? I am new and have a 1980 GS550L and was wondering if the idle needs to be adjusted too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevJoel View Post
    I know this is a really old post, but did you ever figure this out? I am new and have a 1980 GS550L and was wondering if the idle needs to be adjusted too.
    Most times it's not the screw but a sticky or worn out throttle cable, on most older bikes there's a throttle stop screw that may need adjustment but more likely it's the cable sticking.
    Also there's the idle and low speed mixture screw on the carb that people often screw with (pun intended) and more than likely they just mess up the low speed tune.
    Another possibility is an intake leak which can be checked by spraying a flammable liquid like starting fluid around the intake area while the motor is running at idle, any change up or down when you spray indicates it's drawing in air (AND THE SPRAY) from a leak in the carb to manifold fitting.


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