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    Question Skills test- Indiana

    Can't find anything regarding what's on Indiana ABATE's skills test... even on their website all it seems to have is the schedules, but no info on what the test requires or explanation of the skills required. Anyone have info or insight?

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    IV got time this weekend, if you’d let me chuck sh*t at you while doing figure 8’s. (Like fish in a bowl)

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    Thanks for the help! D!CK.
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    Don't show up on a full dress cruiser. The day I went the instructor guy said 60% had failed. It's a tight course and people were standing in line trying to rent my Rebel. Alot of unhappy people that day, but it's better then giving license to people who can't ride.

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    And I thought that the test would be something like "Ride this lane at 35 mph and see if you can hit the target 100 feet to your right while firing with your left hand. Shotguns and automatics are not allowed. If you have brought an automatic weapon with you, please make sure it is set to single fire, or remove all but one bullet from the magazine."

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    Its actually easier to pass on a sport bike than a cruiser. If your on a bike of 500cc or smaller the course is a little tighter than if your on a bike 501cc or larger. Each site does things a little different. Same skills test just some sites makes everyone complete each stage before going to the next, some sites has each person complete the entire exam before the next person goes and some sites breaks everyone up into smaller groups and has each group complete each stage together. They will explain each stage.

    The following is an automatic failure: Failure to follow instructions. Kill your engine. Put your foot down. Dropping your bike.

    Your allowed 10 points before failing: Things you will get points for: Hitting a cone. Not staying inside the lines. Missing your target on the stops. On the panic stop not stopping in the required distance.

    Within a marked area you must smoothly accelerate making a low speed right turn staying inside two lines during your turn and stopping with your front wheel inside a marked box.

    You start from a stand still and weave through about 6 cones and come to a stop at a designated point. The cones are staggered and pretty tight, this will require balance, throttle control and some clutch work. If your wobbly or unconfident about your slow speed handling ability of your bike this is the part that will give you the most difficulty. A nimble sport bike or moped do great at this. Long wheel based cruisers or cruisers with a bit of rake suck at this. They can do it just not as easy as the other bikes. Watched a guy who had some skill do the cones on a Honda Valkerie, didn't touch a cone. Watched a guy on a moped with no skill blow it. Just don't put your foot down. Take a cone or two out or even go past the last few of them if you have to, brush it off and go on to the next stage.

    Start from a stand still and make a tight right hand u turn coming to a stop at a designated point. The u turn is tighter for 500cc and under bikes than the one for 501cc and over.

    From a stand still accelerate upto at least 20mph (they measure your speed so don't fudge) and then using both brakes stop as fast and short as you can without locking up your tires. Depending on your speed as to how short you have to stop.

    From stand still accelerate upto a marked line, maintain speed upto a second line then weave left or right and come to a stop at a designated spot. When you weave either left or right you have to stay outside of a marked line. Crossing the line is a failure.

    I think I'm forgetting a stage or two and might be some error in my descriptions but you get the idea. My memory isn't as good as it was 20 years ago. It used to be $5.00 think it went upto $10.00 this year. Get there early and don't be the first one to take the test so you can watch a few go through it. If you do fail it the locations around here will let you get back in line, pay another $10.00 and take it again the same day as long as there aren't too many people. Don't be nervous and psych your self out. Watched people fail it from that. Watched a guy on a moped fail it because he bumped the kill switch.

    The day I took mine there were about 40 riders and only 3 failed. One put his foot down on the tight u turn. One bumped his kill switch (moped). One pointed out, had problems on every stage.


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