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    I wonder what octane gas he was using.......?
    I can see you...

    MK86: The US Navy Sends Its Regards...

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    Happy-ass Lunatic
    Quote Originally Posted by tlwisner
    Quote Originally Posted by themeatmanlandry
    I think the point of my post has been missed. It's obvious that he was a dumba$$. My post dealt with the hypocrisy of posting every day about gear, safety, etc., and then when a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what not to do dies doing exactly that (what we all know not to do), everyone's all sorry about it.
    I'm very sorry he died in his tragic accident, from all I have seen and heard he was a very decent guy. His not wearing a helmet does not change the fact that I am sorry he died. Are you so much of a frickin' gear nazi that you think we should all be happy that somebody died?

    Maybe we should just point out that if IL didn't ride motorcycles, this accident would not have happened. Only a dumba$$ would take any risks. I guess I'll haul my dumb a$$ out and ride now.
    Where did I say anyone should be happy someone died? I'm just saying it's hypocritical to hype gear and then to say thing like (similar to . . . not direct quote), "Oh, how sad. He was an icon."

    Maybe you should choose better heroes.
    Go to hell

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    Ditch Magnet
    I think the Everest climbers example is a poor one.

    These "climbers" no matter how inexperienced, throw their money at those who know what they're doing. Its these guides job to take care of them and ensure their clients safety. This does, of course, matter on the client AND the guide service.

    A better example might be Free Solo climbers- those that climb without any sort of fall protection (rope) You could be the world bestest rock climber on something you've done dozens of times before and is WELL within your capabilites. Then comes that bird swooping down, or that rock flake that has slowly loosened over the years and SPLAT!! or even worst.. fall, bump, fall, bump, roll, bump, THUD!!

    What Indian Larry did was foolish, even stupid but he accpeted the risks and paid, the ultimate price, for it.

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    How about this? Can someone be an icon in on area of their lives and be stupid in another area? For example Michael Jordan...great BB player , poor husband. Kobe Bryant... ditto. Michael Jackson...nuff said. Kurt Cobain, And I am sure I could think of more given the time. Indian Larry was an Icon in the bike building area, kinda stupid in the riding,showing off department.

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    Where Am I ?
    the cod


    you take a risk getting out of bed everyday.when its your time your going .he could have had a helmet on and snapped his neck you never know .some people just have bigger sacs than others

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    exactly! perfectly put. when its your time to go, you go.

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    Puddle Runner
    Quote Originally Posted by soad
    exactly! perfectly put. when its your time to go, you go.
    And when your soft head smack hard asphalt at that height and speed, it's your time to go.
    I said Madura, not Marauder.

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    Found second gear by accident
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    Re: RISK

    Quote Originally Posted by sickevan
    you take a risk getting out of bed everyday.when its your time your going .he could have had a helmet on and snapped his neck you never know .some people just have bigger sacs than others
    That all depends....if I shoot myself in the head with a shotgun I'm going to go whether it was my time or not, there's no way out of that.

    If you're a believer in God, you are instructed to NOT tempt the Lord....'ve driven a car right? That car had brakes on it right? I believe without doubt that the Lord can stop that car at any given moment if he chooses to.....but I'm not going to tempt Him by not applying the brakes when needed.

    As for the sacks comment.....some people have a lot less sense than others too!

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