Coolant change on Suzuki C-50
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    Coolant change on Suzuki C-50

    My owners manual says to change the radiator coolant on a regualar basis, but does not give any guidance on how to do this.

    Can any Suzuki C-50 Boulevard owner's help walk me through the process. Is regualar automotive antifreeze mixed with distilled water OK?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Along with the type of antifreeze to use what is the correct interval? is it the same as car - every 2 years?

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    Use a 50/50 mix with distilled water, as to type of coolant, the manual says to use one compatible with aluminum radiators. It should be 3.2 pints total (1500ml), and changed every 2 years.

    The manual also only gives instructions how to add coolant, not how to drain it. Without looking at the bike, I would say that there should be a plug at the bottom of the reservoir, but I haven't changed my coolant yet so I cannot confirm that.

    Sometime within the next 2 weeks I'll be doing the coolant and oil change, hopefully someone can give a definitive answer by then.

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    unless you specify otherwise, all coolants will be aluminum radiator compliant.

    This was a bigger deal 25 years ago when aluminum radiators were mainly found in bikes and some cars (but not all cars).

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    Most excellent. Thanks for the pictures and how to steps on changing my coolant skynyrd fan. I appreciate it.

    Now, about that 1st step of removing the fuel tank. Do you have similar instructions for that?

    One more thing. I am willing to buy a service manual for my C50. Do you have a recommendation?

    Thanks again for your help.

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    I believe if you look into your owners manual under spark plug removal, youll find instructions on removing the tank. If not, first, you remove the seats back one first. Then the screws that hold the instrument panel, then unhook the electrical connection from it.
    There is one bolt in the back of the tank to remove, then carefully pull the tank back and up very carefully. I blocked mine up a couple inches with a block of wood. If you had a helper to hold it up it would be better. You dont have to drain the tank, but I did mine mad it lighter to get off and put back when done.Underneath there is an electrical connection that has to come off, seems like you have to pinch it, I cant remember for sure. Then the fuel line which Im pretty sure had a couple tabs you had to push in and then remove. You should only lose a couple drops of gas when you pull the hose off. Be carefull of the little rubber grommets on the front sides they like to come off. Have a blanket or something clean/soft to lay the tank on when you have it off. I had a bit of a time removing the fuel line, had to wiggle it around while pulling it off was afraid Id break it but it went ok. Good luck

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    C50 coolant change

    The manuals arent cheap usually around $35.00. But I looked arond a little and found a pretty good price on one. Actually orderd one myself this morning.Happy Easter,Doug

    Suzuki Volusia 2001-2004 and Suzuki Boulevard C50 2005-2006 Repair Manual

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    Thank you again for the information on tank removal.. sounds a little hard, but I think I can handle it.

    Also, thanks for the link to the repair manual. Am also going to order one.

    I'll let you know if I am ever sucessful in changing my engine coolant.

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    Job completed

    Thanks to skynard fan and the Haynes Repair Manual I bought, the job was completed with not too much difficultly.

    I could not disconnect the fuel line at the bottom of the tank, so I gave up and just moved the tank out of the way so I could get to the radiator cap.

    It worked, and also made it much easier to start the bike and bring to temp with the radiator flush I used.

    Now I have to do new front brakes and new brake line........back to the repair manual.


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