Wont Start / fuel pump or electrical issue
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    Wont Start / fuel pump or electrical issue

    I have a 2005 Boulevard C50 with only about 4500 miles on it. I don't get to ride much and it sits a lot, especially in the winter. I tried to start it a week ago and it would crank, but would not start. When turning the kill switch on, the pump would run a very short time (not as long as it used too) and made a funny noise. I figured I needed a fuel pump. a day later I went out, turned on the switch, and the pump ran normal like it used to, and the bike started right up. Then next day, the pump would not run the normal amount of time again and no start.

    So... is this a normal intermittent issue indicating the need for a new fuel pump? Or does it sound electrical, maybe not enough voltage to run the pump? If I need a pump, can anyone reccommend the best place to buy an inexpesive pump for this bike?


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    Before you buy a pump.....Do you keep your battery on a charger? I had some really funky things start to happen when my old battery started to go including intermittent starting and fuel injectors flooding the engine for no reason. I would start there, either charging or testing and replacing the battery if needed. Next, I would think about replacing the fuel filter. If it is partially clogged, you made be pulling a partial vacuum instead of fuel which could tax the pump, causing the change in sounds you heard. This can also be intermittent at first and will get worse as the filter clogs more. If those things don't fix it, changing the pump might be in order.

    PS - You will get a lot more input if you post this in the C50 Getaway or the M50 Secret Hideaway threads instead of the generic Boulevard thread. There is a lot of crossover between the M50 and C50.
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    My Bike(s)
    Suzuki Boulevard C50
    Yes I do have a charger that I put on it when ever it sits for a while. The battery is only a few months old, and the engine cranks over really good, It just makes a funny noise coming from what I think is the pump area when you turn it on. I will double check the voltage though. Where is the filter at, by the way.

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