Bought 2008 S50 from dealer. Speedometer is flaky, and therefore odometer is off
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    Bought 2008 S50 from dealer. Speedometer is flaky, and therefore odometer is off

    This is my first bike. I got what I thought was a good deal on an 08 Suzuki S50 from a local dealer, had 18k miles. In my first rides, I thought the low speed registering on the speedometer was just me overestimating how fast I was going due to being new to the sensation. However, when I got on a freeway and it was showing between 20-40 mph and I was keeping up with traffic, I got concerned.

    I've verified with GPS that it's completely off, and there's almost no rhyme or reason to the reading: I'll do 80 per GPS and sometimes it will read 20 and sometimes it will read 55.

    The more concerning thing is that I took a ~100 mile trip over the weekend, with the trip recorded by EatSleepRide, and the odometer only registered about 1/3 of the miles. This makes me wonder how many miles this bike actually has.

    A couple of questions:
    - Doesn't seem like the speedometer cable would be broken since it goes all over at times, but should I just replace that cable anyways and see if it solves the issue?
    - Anyone have any idea what, if anything, I can do about what's likely a lot of missing miles on the bike? The dealer where I purchased it gave the bike a passed state inspection sticker, which I think couldn't really be done properly if the speedometer isn't working. I have GoPro footage of my first ride on the bike showing the speedometer misbehaving, so I can prove it wasn't me. However, when I bought the bike the dealer had to replace the kick stand sensor (post inspection, not sure how they started it for the inspection), and I imagine will claim they screwed it up then.

    Definitely interested in fixing the bike, but any idea if I have recourse with the dealer?

    Thanks guys, otherwise I'm loving the bike! It's a real blast, definitely would like to know my speed as I'm pretty sure I'm going over a lot of times.

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    Cant believe no one has given any answers. First thing if the bike was sold with a dodgy speedo then you should be allowed a full refund based on the mileage not being able to be verified. Second a motor vehicle must be in full working order and meet the local state laws in respects to having a correctly calibrated and working speedometer and odometer. Both appear to be not working correctly and thus ...IMO these must be repaired at no cost.

    Since I am in Australia some of these points may be totally different so I would be getting in touch with your version of consumer affairs first off.

    Finally this...'when I bought the bike the dealer had to replace the kick stand sensor (post inspection, not sure how they started it for the inspection), and I imagine will claim they screwed it up then.'

    In Au if you buy a product the agreement is between you and the dealer... makes no difference if another party broke something prior to you buying it the dealer is the responsible party and thus is liable for any repairs regarding pre purchase problems.

    Good luck
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    Welcome to the forum from Oregon. I feel your frustration. As I see it you have 3 choices:
    - Take it to the dealer you bought it from and ask him to fix it at his expense or work a deal with him (i.e. split the cost or whatever you feel comfortable with, etc.)
    - Take it to a different dealer and be held hostage to them as well
    - Fix it yourself

    If it were me, I'd give the dealer the opportunity to fix it with the facts as you see it...including reporting to DMV you've been possibly swindled. Pretty likely if they are a reputable dealer they'll take care of you. It's not commonly worth the headaches of bad press, a pissed off customer, dealer license issues, and possibly even an investigation by the attorney general for fraud (prompted by DMV). I'm not saying threatening them mind you, but I'd surely remind them that if you went to sell the bike today you'd have to legally disclose unknown miles instantly devaluing the bike. Right now you can document everywhere you've been and how many miles accumulatively you've been. I'd think it'd be a slam dunk. Can't see them willing to put themselves in that kind of position over possibly a measly $100 repair.

    On the other hand if you decide to fix it yourself (which I wouldn't blame you, it's a good option also) I'd visit the Intruder Alert forum where the folks there know the Intruder bikes inside and out (literally). I'm sure there are folks here who know them too but until someone posts up you'll have a plan 'B'. They are a great bikes though...probably one of the best cruisers Suzuki ever designed and built. I just love the naked jugs on the S50 and S83's. If the bike wasn't so small for me, I'd probably grab an S83 (VS1400). I'm sure the folks over there will be able to point you to where to download (for free) the service manual as well. It'll tell you exactly what to do or at least show diagrams. Pretty likely though they will be able to tell you the likely culprit. So I wouldn't throw new parts at it until you know which part(s) need replacing. Truly it could be something as simple as a sensor being loose.

    Be advised though, virtually all the Suzuki's are off some on the speedo'. My C50 and C90 both are off exactly 5 mph (fast) with the proper OEM tire sizes. The odometer is correct though, so if you install taller tires on it to compensate for speedo', your odometer will be off a little. To my knowledge the S series bikes are no exception to that. I'm told it's to help keep us from getting tickets...but I'm not sure I buy that. LOL

    Sorry I can't help you more...but I've not worked on the Intruders. Well, other than the VL1500's.

    Follow your conscience and let us know how it goes.


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    The first thing I would do Is take the speedometer cable off and check It to be sure someone has not lubed using too heavy oil. Ideally you
    might have to clean the inside to remove all traces of lubricant and re lube with graphite. Also check the speedometer gear at the front wheel to be sure it isn't damaged.

    I had a cable break on my S50 in about 10K miles for no apparent reason so it isn't unusual for them to fail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tofupup View Post
    Definitely interested in fixing the bike, but any idea if I have recourse with the dealer?
    IF you politely but firmly explain your concern to the owner or service manager, they might fix it for you no-charge.
    That should be preferable to them, versus having a disgruntled customer complain to some government agency about inaccurate ODO readings.

    As far as getting any extra consideration off the price because of the situation........highly doubtful, as the dealer will say "It hasn't been broken THAT long" and they might be right.
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