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    2014 C50 B.O.S.S

    First Trip C50 BOSS

    Well, I just got home from a trip to grandma's. Over the hills and through the traffic. It's just under 200 miles round trip to St. Petersburg, Fla.

    The bike rode nice. It was brisk for a Florida boy, so I decided that a batwing and windshield are going on Santa's list. Need to look at relocating the controls forward a bit for comfort. I am only 5'9", 210lbs, but legs were getting tired in the stock position.

    I like the factory exhaust sound. I like the look of V&H short shots. Wonder how the quiet baffles sound on the ole 800?

    Still feel like a n00b when shifting. Clutch engagement is taking a little more time to learn than on the old harley.

    Is there a better way to check the oil level? I need to get the bike upright and then get down there to see the sight glass. Center Stand? The Harley has the jiffy stand which means if you sneeze across the room it folds up. Hate being on the right side of the bike balancing it and then having to set it back on the side stand. Nervous Nelly!

    Thinking hard bags now. Maybe a new seat with backrest. Moving the controls might help with the comfort factor.


    *edit* C50, not M50.
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    Ditch Magnet
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    Suzuki C90 & C50T
    Portland, OR area
    Yep...your experiences sounds about right to what I experienced with my C50 also.

    First and foremost for your checking the oil I keep one of these mirrors in the saddlebag of each bike. Actually I got mine at Napa auto parts because it was a slightly bigger mirror but you get the idea. Makes checking the sight glass a piece of cake.

    In time you'll find things you will want to do to the bike to make it yours and more comfy like the rest of us did. I would highly recommend you decide your seat before you throw a bunch of cash at all the other stuff you mentioned. Everything will pivot on your seating position and aftermarket seats do change things allot. I have a Mustang seat on my C50 and was disappointed with it. I'm about the same size as you are and it shoved me up on the tank which I still hate to this day. But I admit, it's reasonably comfy once broke in. I would not recommend the seat to anyone though especially if close to my size as I think if they already feel cramped it'll be worse. But every fanny is different. LOL

    There are lots of other good mods a person can do the the bike. I'm sure in time you'll do many of them.


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    '06 Harley Street Bob
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    Kawasaki has that same oil looking glass and many of my friends used that tried and true mirror method. Seems to work really well.

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    My Bike(s)
    2014 C50 B.O.S.S
    Bouncing photons off a reflective surface....Genius!


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