Blinker Problem!!!! Seeking knowledge!!!!
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    2006 suzuki c50t

    Blinker Problem!!!! Seeking knowledge!!!!

    I just got finished putting on new bars. everything is working fine, exept, the right blinker will not stop blinking unless the switch is moved to the left blinker position then both blinkers start blinking. Houston please advise.

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    My Bike(s)
    2006 suzuki c50t

    2006 Suzuki c50t

    The motorcycle is a 2006 Suzuki c50t. I should have stated that from the start.

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    Still crazy after all these years

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    Blue Suzuki GSX 1400 (2003)
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    Sounds like you've got a short somewhere - maybe the blinker switch cable is shorted to the bars, causing the circuit to be closed constantly? It probably isn't the switch itself, since the left blinker is working normally. I would go back and check the cables - look for somewhere that may be frayed or where the insulation could be damaged and causing a short.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inspiron View Post
    It probably isn't the switch itself, since the left blinker is working normally.
    I don't think he said that, did he ?
    His description of the symptoms was a bit unclear.

    I wouldn't rule out the switch just yet.
    The usual suspects are those things that you took loose or took apart in the process.
    Even a connector going to the switch might be loose or corroded and moving it around caused a short.
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