Straight pipes on C/M50? 800?
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    Straight pipes on C/M50? 800?

    Hello All,
    Just curious if anyone has straight pipes on their bike with the 800cc engine (same as my M50)? Any opinions on the sound?
    I'm considering making my own custom exhaust for the M50 but I don't want to waste the time if it's going to sound like crap.
    I had straight pipes on a 650 before and it sounded alright but was a little too high pitched.
    Any idea how the fuel injection will handle the new exhaust? I had to rejet the carbs on the 650.

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    On a fuel-injected bike, it may require remapping, but I'm not sure how much this alteration would change it.

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    I have the Hard Krome pipes and they sound really tough. I can remove the baffles but I havent done it yet so I dont know how it sounds. It's loud right now and sounds awesome. I even had my friend drive it arround to I can hear what it sounds like 4 blocks away. Straight pipes will almost defenetly require some kind of remapping or fuel processor. Check out this thread I have a bunch of information on my experiance installing pipes on my C50.

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    Do the straight pipes result in better performance, or just cause the bike to be loud? Not convinced that taking the chance of getting burned valves would be worth the stretch.
    Steve in Md.

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    Well, I couldn't resist, so yesterday I drilled my exhaust. I only put two holes about 3/8" in size in each pipe. It sounds pretty good. I think I'll just run with that for a while. I don't want to hassle with any reprogramming right now.

    Also, I think that I may have actually picked up a little power with the better flow now. The bikes been running a little rich since I bought it, so the extra flow might be helping some.
    Last edited by dragula07; 04-30-2005 at 10:19 AM.

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    Hi Dragula, I wouldnt go much further than you have by drilling without "remapping". They lean up real quick when you start removing baffles.

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    Yea, I don't think I'm going any further with it. I drill the first hole in each, then test drove it, then drilled the second hole but I'm stopping there. Besides, I think the sound turned out good. Gives it a little better rumble w/o being too loud.

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    I went and Punched out My exhaust with a 1" Diameter piece of steel It is only Slightly louder now. Where did you place the 3/8 diameter holes? and was it 2 per pipe

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    how many baffles did you drill through? just the back one?

    where did you place the holes?

    post a pic and a little more detail PLEASE. im interested in doing this too.

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    My C50 is pig rich... it was pig rich prior to my VH straight shots and it is still pretty rich. My service guy said that he has now seen 4 c50s running real rich. My friend went out and bought a c50 a week after I did and his is also running rich.

    I would suggest that if you don't want to sound like a sewing machine to go ahead and put some aftermarket pipes on. I really don't think you have to worry about your valves flying out of the exhaust! Get the pipes, K&N, and enjoy the bike.

    Nuff said, Ralph

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    I could not take it any Longer and allong with the punching a 1" diameter Rod through the Exhaust, Last night I Drilled 3 holes in each Pipe, 1/2" in diameter. I only went through the 1st wall, and boy oh boy did it get louder! I sounds great to me now! the Bike is a 2005 M50 Punching a 1" diameter Rod through was much harder than drilling the 3 holes.

    I have read the past postings and Web sites of people who have drilled out and Punched the exhaust. the Exhaust on the C50/M50 has a second baffle about 8 inches from the rear of the Exhaust, up the center has the next baffle about 12 inches from the rear.

    any others let me know how you have done it, but I'm through playing with the exhaust for now.


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    Please post pics and additional details of where you are drilling the holes. Thanks.

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    Beer. Nature's Unstoppable Force.

    My Bike(s)
    '06 XB12X
    2040 N. Dale Mabry Hwy., Tampa, FL 33607
    Quote Originally Posted by roysclockgun
    Do the straight pipes result in better performance, or just cause the bike to be loud? Not convinced that taking the chance of getting burned valves would be worth the stretch.
    Steve in Md.
    From the article with the link provided below:

    "Drag pipes are generally open tubes with a constant diameter from head to tip. All but two of the systems came with internal baffles -- corrugated inserts that help reduce noise and add some necessary back-pressure to the system. We're mystified by the popularity of straight, unmuffled drag pipes. Typically, they don't perform well over the entire powerband -- in fact, they're not supposed to. Drag pipes were developed to help produce peak horsepower in a very narrow rpm band -- perfect for dragracing -- and have become popular in spite of their performance shortcomings."

    If you read the article or do any independent research on the net, all evidence points to a two into one system being the most superior for producing power across the power band. Both hp and torque.

    I don't think too many companies make 2 into 1 systems for the 800 cc bikes. If I remember HardKrome might make them for the Volusia and C50, but they are extremely retro and would look way out of place on an M50. In the article, you'll see a pic of a Muzzy's 2-into-1 that might fit the bill, but they don't make them for us.

    As far as needing the computer remapped. Someone here wrote they got richer by opening up the exhaust. I've heard the Intruders do that, and that would be kinda cool if the M's do that also, that way you won't have to worry about frying a valve or something if you didn't have 600 or so bucks to scrape together for a fuel remapper and exhaust (rough combined cost depending on where you purchase).

    As far as fuel remappers go...I've read on other boards some considerate bias towards the Cobra Fi2000 system. While it is a nice product, there has been I don't want to use the word bashing but it's something close to it, towards the Cobra competitor the DynoJet Power Commander. What I've gleaned from the negativity is: They roughly have a hundred dollar difference in price....this one hundred dollar difference causes some I would surmise, to ignore the Power Commander and all of it's features, and post negatively (not on this forum) about the product. What's even funnier is some of the guys posting own carbuerated bikes. The main issue I've seen that has been perceived as negative has been that you can only make adjustments to the PC if you have a computer, you can't adjust on the fly. Not true. For the C50/M50 you have to buy the PC USBIII, with adjustable "pots" on the face of it to tune the mapping to your liking. These "pots" are just like the Cobra. However, that is all you can do with the Cobra. The PC offers you the flexibility that if you go with Brand X mufflers, and Brand Y, air filter you can download that exact map if it's in their database to your bike in five minutes without fooling with the "pots" and trying to get everything right. Later, if you decide to change to brand Z exhaust, again, download it. You can have a custom map made at any dealership that is listed as a certified programmer if that need arises (Cobra doesn't offer this or any type of custom map at all). Like if anybody comes up with larger throttle bodies, fuel injectors, turbos, and cams for us. Let's face it the last sentence is the only way way our 800 motors are gonna see any serious performance gains.

    No I'm not a paid representative of DynoJet or anything like that. I just wanted to insure there is a fair informed representation. When I find good info, I feel a need to share it with anyone and everyone.

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    Drilling pictures

    Here is a picture of How I drilled my exhaust. I used a 1/2" drill 3 holes through the end plate. there is another wall about 8" down, but the exhaust got to where I wanted it without going any deeper. It's pretty loud!! I had priviously punched a 1" diameter rod down the center which was more difficult and really did not make it much louder.I also used some high temp flat Black paint to help hide the new holes.


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    what is meant by "punching a 1-inch rod through" ?

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