Does anyone get on here anymore

  1. Blackie22
    Just wondering if this is an abandoned group.
  2. kiwimunster
    Only just found it. Seems superfluous when we've also got out own forum
  3. Rebekha
    I am thinking the same Blackie22 i have not seen to many new things. I am getting alot of info from old 2008 posts. But as for
    any thing iv posted or private members i have messaged to try and find help...well nothing.
  4. QZephyr
    I joined here a few months back and noticed there wasn't much action here.
  5. dantheman
    Kiwimunster is right, kinda redundant having both...and Rebekha, what were you needing help with?
  6. vybe15
    Hey m50 riders,
    i am vybe. Iam from new york. I have a suzuki 2006 m50. This is my first cruiser . I have been riding on sportbike . I plan on taking longer rides but still wanted the power of a sportbike. I hope to get some ideas from you guys if you still post on this forum...
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