Doing a test ride.....
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    Doing a test ride.....

    Alright, I have been thinking of ways to make my M50 look alittle bit more "bobber", so I took the front fender off. I know I'll probably get a face full of rocks tomorrow, but whatever, I'll give it a shot. I took the fender off and it looks pretty good, I'll just have to see how it rides. I
    m scared it's gonna pepper my tank with little rocks and mess it up. Anyone had any experience riding ithout a front fender?

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    I don't have experience without the front fender, but I don't recommend it, I mean its goal is to keep road crap off of you...Best of luck to you my friend!

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    Got a friend who took the front fender off his bike, now he won't ride when it's wet out because he gets sprayed in the face with water.

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    U.B's LoveChild
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    06 M50 in Bluuuuuuuuue
    Sodus, NY
    I rode my Gs700 without a fender for a bit after a mishap requiring me to order a new one.

    Not recommended. There's a lot of crap that thing keeps off you.
    06 Blue M50 - Loved it for 20k, but its time for something new, something 2.25 times bigger

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    I could imagine the amount of small stones, sand, glass etc. that the fender helps you from getting peppered with

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    well i rode it today, to work and back and around some. I didn't have any problems with sand or little rocks or anything and my radiator isn't covered with sand, of course this was only one day of riding. Only thing is, I'm not worried about getting hit with stuff, but I just don't think the looks outweigh the risk of messing up my radiator should I come across a larger rock. When took the fender off, there realy wasn't alot of crap under it, but then again I don't go down alot of dirt roads or anything. I ride in the rain alot, so I'd probably get sprayed pretty good, but I'd rather just not risk messing p the bike. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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    Wants Better Weather
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    '05 M50
    I don't use a front fender. No problems to date. Other than you get extra wet in the rain. That to me is the only draw back.
    Don't think that just because you own a motorcycle we should be friends.

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    you could always do a little modding to it if ya want.....WARNING though....there's no turning back if ya's do.


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