Cutting "wire 23"
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    Cutting "wire 23"

    Hi guys new m50 owner here from New Zealand.

    Anyway i have a new to me 2009 m50 with the 2 02 sensors in the exhaust.

    Purchased a cobra drag exhaust from overseas and then i learn about 02 sensors and that my $$$$$$$$$$ exhaust doesnt have the sensor bungs.

    After hours and hours of research online i decided to remove o2 sensors and cut wire 23 (black and white one on my 09).

    Bike seems to run ok and FI light isnt on.

    My question is can anyone tell me what state this renders my ecu in?

    Ie is it now running in default state or default map mode or something? or has it just disabled the fi light?

    Is it just running like the other m50s that dont have the 02 sensors?

    It "SEEMS" to be running ok after a 15 minute ride i just want to make sure it wouldnt be running super lean or something?

    Cheers guys

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    Please post your questions in only ONE sub-forum here.
    Most users read all of them......since there really isn't a lot of traffic to wade through.

    Thank you.
    (I have deleted your other identical thread.)
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    I have heard of people fitting a resistor in the harness to take the place of the 02 sensor data this should stop any fault code showing. Your FI light should show a fault code when you removed it. It would be wise to maybe get an obd scanner and check the fueling etc...another alternative is to take it to a tuner to get the info.

    This from a site regarding 02 sensors.....

    It's OK to drive , but failing to replace it (or fix the wire) within a few months will probably damage the cat converter. Sure you can drive, it's not too big of a deal having bad o2 sensors. The only thing that suffers is the gas mileage. The catalytic convertor won't like having oil in it.

    Since your new exhaust is unlikely to have a cat then you should be OK. I would experiment with the old exhaust back on and see what difference it makes. One thing I would add is excess fuel consumption can damage the motor long term....too much fuel tends to wash off the oil film in the bores...maybe take it for a ride and pop the plugs out?

    Good luck
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    First and most important question to ask is: what does "wire 23" connect to? Disconnecting your O2 sensors should cause the ECM to send a code. You might just have disconnected the light. I don't know, but your bike might be screaming for help and you just put ear plugs in.

    Typically, if you want to eliminate O2 sensors, you replace them with resistors, as Steve said.

    It would be wise to maybe get an obd scanner and check the fueling etc
    Is there actually a port somewhere? I don't think there is. Though I wonder if there's a way to get the FI light to flash fault codes, like with pre-OBD cars.
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