2001 V-Star 1100 idle/running issue
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    2001 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic

    Unhappy 2001 V-Star 1100 idle/running issue

    Hello all...this is my first post, so please bear with me.

    I had a 1998 V-Star 650 Classic, bought new, traded it in a few months back for a 2001 V-Star 1100 Classic with 74 miles...YES, 74 miles. Apparently the original owner passed away suddenly right after buying it and his brother got it and just sat. Anyway, I bought it from a Sales Manager at my local Harley dealer (he buys bikes for cash and flips them for a small profit) and he took my 650 on trade. The 1100 was checked over at the local Yamaha dealer (which is owned by the same owner as the Harley dealership) and the oil was changed, etc. All good. I've put about 700 miles on it in the past few months, no issues. Now all of a sudden yesterday, the bike wouldn't start right up without the choke on. Then when turning the choke off, it dies. But, at idle with the choke backed off a little, a crack of the throttle will bring the rpm's up fast, but then they slowly drop down...not like they used to quickly down. I forgot to mention I added a set of Hard Krome straights with baffles in. Anyway, also, if I hold the throttle open it backfires at higher idle, not at deceleration off idle, but held open at a higher rpm. Checking the plugs, they both look okay. But at idle, again with the choke "slightly" on, with my hand over the top exhaust pipe, rear cylinder, it is popping air out, but also creating a suction effect pulling my hand into the pipe. The lower exhaust pipe, front cylinder, there is no suction effect. I'm just really freaking out that it's something major with the motor, like a bent valve or something. Anyone have any suggestions to check over before I break down and bring it to the Yamaha dealer??

    Thanks in advance.

    Landing, NJ
    [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4thehardway View Post
    I forgot to mention I added a set of Hard Krome straights with baffles in.

    .......but also creating a suction effect pulling my hand into the pipe.
    Crap. What a bummer.

    The rest of your symptoms sounds like a vacume leak but...that difference noted at the exhaust would worry me too.

    It may not be as bad as you fear, however, because if the cylinder is just not firing, due to lack of fuel, vacume leak or spark problem, so that there is no hot exhaust to expel, you might very well see something like you noted.

    I don't think the new pipes had anything to do with the problem.

    My guess is that it will end up at the dealer but you can check for cracked boots between carbs and engine, loose or cracked vacume hoses, check for fuel in the carb that's in trouble and maybe run some carb cleaner through it.

    For the benefit of OTHERS reading this thread, this just goes to show that old bikes with VERY low miles are not necessarily a good buy.......unless maybe you are a mechanic.
    Don't believe everything that you think.

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    Dont panic it is very highly unlikely to be a mechanical problem....more in the line of what ER stated...rubber bits tend to dry out and crack. I reckon you got a good deal...does the seller not warrenty the bike for a three month/5000Klm period???...if so take it in and let them fix the problem....if not then start as ER stated at the carb boots etc... The carb diaphragms may be faulty too...this applies to any other rubber part like pipes etc to and from the carbs. Also check the fuel valve for vacuum. Finally the carbs may just be cruded up and need a good clean with sea foam or...or something along those lines.

    Good luck
    Smoke me a kipper I'll be home in time for breakfast


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