Looking for owners manual & Service manual
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    Looking for owners manual & Service manual

    I just bought a new 2004 GSX 750 Katana (YES NEW) but the only thing is I dont have the manuals for it. Does any one have them or know where to get them at a reasonable price? I went to the dealer and they wanted 90$ I was like WHATEVER! Thanks Please IM Me or email me directly Thanks

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    Owners/Service Manuals

    Thanks for the reply...but this may sound like a dumb question. I have a GSX 750 not a GSX-R750. arent they different? Would explain why I cant find anything for this GSX-750 huh. I am still learning alot about my bike and in fact I have only seen it for about 30 mins. It's on its way to FL. I will have it in a week though

    I am also looking for the following

    Tinted Shield
    Frame Sliders
    Saddle Bags (Good used or low priced new
    and any other accessories I may be able to locate. Seems that there is not alot online for this bike. Hmmm

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    GSX and Katana.. aren't they different lines.... if you have a katana you don't have a GSX you said in your first post GSX 750 Katana.. that doesn't exist... so which is it?

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    That's also why you are having trouble finding those parts is my guess

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    i have the same trouble trying to get manual for a yamaha SRX400, 1995 year, as an import from Japan. someone out there must know where i can get one and not a the price i paid for the bike.

    help desperate leaner

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    Oh what a great trip!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtalicarox View Post
    GSX and Katana.. aren't they different lines.... if you have a katana you don't have a GSX you said in your first post GSX 750 Katana.. that doesn't exist... so which is it?
    GSX is correct.
    I have a GSX750F Katana 750 1993 model. Check it out. It's a GSX(F) not a GSX(R)

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    Dude, post a picture of your bike so we know what the hell your bike is.
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    To confusing for me

    Moving on now

    M50 Manual

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranger04 View Post
    To confusing for me

    Moving on now
    but from central Cal.

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    1988 suzuki katana 600
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    I have a 1988 suzuki katana and i cant get a spark to start and dont have a manual to look up which wire does what...can anyone help? or no where i can look to get a manual or something to show me the electrical details?

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    ya really didnt need to post this 3 times.


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