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    First day on forum

    Just found this great forum! Hello, from 24th street/6th Ave in Manhattan. I haven't had a bike for 10 years or so. Had three or four prior to that the last one being an 1000 Kawasaki. Started with a Honda 605 Nighthawk and had a Honda Magna as well. I'm in the process of getting a NYS MC licence. Just bought a Red/Black 1999 Honda ACE in beautiful condition with 10K miles. It would probably been smart to start up again with a 750, but of course I fell in love and felt very comfortable with the bike when I tested it out. The previous super "good guy" owner is keeping the bike for me in his garage in NJ until I can get my license and finally get the bike. The waiting time in NY to take your driving MC test is about 5-6 weeks once you get your permit, which I did last week. I've already registered the bike and got insurance etc.

    I should be more nervous than I am about 1)Owning a bike in NYC (and not getting it stolen) and 2) Riding a MC in NYC. I've been riding a regular pedal bike in NYC for five years on a daily basis (April through Dec) and trust me, it can't be any worse riding a MC through the city vs. the regular bike....every block can be an experience....but to be truthful, that's why I like it.

    Anyone here from NYC with any tips on riding through the tunnels/bridges in and out of the city? Haven't done that yet, but I have ordered my EZ-pass and holder to put on the bike etc.

    I have an inside garage a block away from where I live where I will be parking the bike and I can park and retrieve the bike by myself. They never touch the bike....other than bang it around when I'm not there

    Any other NYC advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for the long initial post and hello to all of you out there.........


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    Dogs Best Friend(admin)
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    Moncton NB Canada
    welcome Bob!

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    Mr. Threadjack
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    2013 Harley Road King - Black
    Collierville, TN
    to M-J!

    What the hell am I looking at? When does this happen in the movie? You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now is happening now. What happened to then? We passed then. When? Just now. We're at now now. Go back to then. When? Now! Now? Now! I can't. Why?
    We missed it. When? Just now. When will then be now? Soon.

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    Puddle Runner
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    2010 UltraGlide
    New Brunswick, Canada

    from NB, Canada!

    Sorry I can't help with any advice. You live in a completely different world than what I do!

    ...trying to keep the up side up...

    Vita incerta, mors certissima

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    M-J Master Poster
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    I've spend a good bit of time riding in the back of a cab in NY. It's as fun as any roller coaster I've ever been on. But a motorcycle? Wow!

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    Throttle Jockey
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    2009 Suzuki Boulevard M109r
    Prince George BC
    I once watched a video of a bike courier and his helmet cam ripping through NYC during rush our was sick.

    good luck to you dude, keep your melon on a swivle
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    1980 Yamaha XS850 - being dismantled; 1999 Kawaski Concours
    Washington County, WI
    howdy, and that's from the member of the month!

    you too, can someday reach this goal, heck, I made it.

    Couldn't put "fail" across Lolo's picture, but she did come in 4th in the 100 m hurdles - still one heck of an effort.

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    What's funny is that riding a MC is easy, you just have to watch for the pedestians popping out of between cars, skateboarders, roller bladers, swerving taxis and double parked everything. You pretty much drive like everyone else and for the most part obey all of the traffic rules. Now on a regular bike, you have all of the MC stuff plus you have to learn to ride in a bike lane that always is blocked, driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic (sometimes to save time or get somewhere, where it's the only way) and flying through intersections on red lights right through cars coming through that have green lights. I tried riding safely for about two years and almost got killed lot's of times. The traffic doesn't respect the weak. Four the last five or six years I just drive with the flow and the bike can't even imagine what it's like, it's sort of crazy. But it is by far the fastest way to get anywhere in the city vs. cabs, cars or subway.

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    Want's A New Title
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    Quote Originally Posted by omegajim View Post
    "we, the few, the proud, the motorcyclists of the world, refuse to sit down in comfort, insulated from the environment, and run the gauntlet of life with a front row seat. And we wouldn't want it any other way." Jim

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    Right Clicker
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    Oh what a great trip!!!

    • I ride a 2006 Suzuki C50T Boulevard.

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    But sometimes they have good ideals!
    Ride Safe, Ride Long, & Have Fun
    Benjamin Franklin> They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.

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    Top Gear ! Full Throttle!
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    '06 M50 Black
    Manitoba, Canada
    to M-J Bob!

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    Forensic Bug Splatter Analyst
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    05 Boulevard C50 LE, 06 S40 (wife's bike)
    Lexington, KY

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    From Wisconsin!!!!!

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    M-J Member of the Month!!
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    2006 GSXR750
    Central North Carolina
    Welcome to the forum

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    Handlebar Consultant
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    Pilot road 2's
    Garmin Zumo 550
    GIpro w-ATRE
    PIAA HID fork mounted driving lights

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