New rider adam h
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    New rider adam h

    Hi everyone. I am a new rider geting my endorsment in the spring. I just picked up a 98 honda shadow ace i think it is a model vt750cd2. I am hoping to get some help on taking care of my bike like what octane gas to use and how often to change motor oil. any helpfull advice for a new rider is greatly accepted.

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    Welcome aboard, hurley, and congrats on scoring your new-to-you bike. Right on! Getting the service manual for your bike is highly recommended and has tons of helpful info that you can reference to. Octane is a personal call, I always use 91 Octane or better, but there's plenty of folks who use 87 Octane regularly unless they get pinging, in which case, they might switch to the 91. If you're using dino oil (rather than synthetic) a decent rule of thumb for oil changes is either every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first. Good luck with your endorsement, stay motivated and Ride Safe...........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinical View Post
    Octane is a personal call,
    No it isn't.....or shouldn't be.
    Using the octane rating that the maker of the engine recommends is the only RIGHT thing to do.

    Using a higher octane than you need does absolutely nothing useful......and just wastes money.
    Using an octane that it too low can cause engine damage long term.

    The safe thing to do is use Premium until you find out what is right.

    It you don't want or need the full shop manual, any Honda dealer can probably get you a users or free.
    The users manual might even be available online via Honda.

    P.S. I deleted the similar post you made in the other sub-forum.
    Please don't make identical posts in multiple places.
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    Every Honda mc I've ever had reccomended an 8,000 mile old change interval when using convention oil(I usually do it every 4k), my 2 Honda CBRs(94 F2, 04 F4i) recommended 87, and my current ST1300 recommends 93. I ran 93 in my 04 F4i for 6 months/3,500 miles and there was zero difference in mpg or performance.......

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    Honda Service manuals are great, I got a used one from a member on another forum for $60 for my bike. I also bought a Hanes manual for it for $20. Clymer also makes exceptional vehicle maintenance books(had a Clymer manual for both CBRs).

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