Suzuki Intruder 1500, year 1999
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    suzuki vl1500 intruder, year 1999

    Suzuki Intruder 1500, year 1999

    Hi everyone. new guy here to both this forum and a new street bike rider.

    Used 1999 Intruder.

    Stator replaced and working
    Voltage rectifier replaced and working.
    Battery 3 weeks old and still good, had it checked at 2 places this weekend and an amp test was done.

    The original problem was the starter would turn partially, then stop, then turn again partially then stop completely. I would try to start again, and this pattern repeated itself over and over. It went to the suzuki shop and t started fine for 150 miles (had it in suzuki shop in Conroe , Texas) They did a ton of troubleshooting on it and they ran it for a week driving it home and around town.

    The other days I want to head out and look at the burned area here in Magnolia/Waller and Grimes here in Texas It repeats the start/stop, start/stop problem described above. After a lot of tries (I never kept doing over and over before) and then it just clicks over and continues to click.

    As I said above, battery is fine. I put it into my lawn mower and 4 wheeler and it started both right up.
    Lights come on.
    I took starter apart and put it back together and ran it off a known good battery and it ran fine.

    Now I am needing some help.

    Is there a solenoid somewhere? I checked all obvious wiring.

    Thanks, Matt

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    Does the problem usually present when the bike is hot and you are restarting it? The symptoms you describe often occur on the 1500LC when the periodic service on the automatic decompression system is not performed. This system involves a relief valve on each cylinder, connected by a cable that is actuated by a solenoid when you hit the starter button. The system gets out of adjustment, so the valves to not open, compression is not bled off from the cylinders, and subsequent attempts to start the bike result in additional compression pressure against the pistons, and the starter is simply not strong enough to move them. Often you can cycle the key on and off 5-6 times and the bike will start. Or put it in gear, hold in the clutch, and roll the bike forward. Pop the clutch to make the engine spin a little, and you will get the cylinder out of the compression stroke and relieve the pressure when the exhaust valve opens.
    The cure is to access the cable by removing the fake gas tank, and adjust the slack out of it. Be very careful that you do not over adjust it, or the valves will not close, and it is very important that the cable and solenoid armature are adjusted so that both valves open together. Test the system by turning on the key and hitting the starter button after you adjust the cable, disconnecting the spark plugs so the bike does not actually start while you are working on it. If you are not an experienced mechanic, let the shop do this for you. If the cable is properly adjusted the solenoid is suspect, but 99% of the time this problem is caused by the cable not being adjusted like it should be- the owner's manual will list how often it should be adjusted, but most do it yourself mechanics skip it when they change the oil or do a tune up.
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    Can I ask a related question please. Like most I suffered with this starting problem on my VL1500 to the point I replaced the battery, starter and starter solenoid. Each time I replaced something it would be OK for 3 or 4 starts then stall turning over. Then I found out about the decompression solenoid. Now if I manually hold the lever up it starts every time. I apprecaite I need to check the settings on the cables, BUT I noticed as it turns over the solenoid if 'flicking' up and down. Not Pulling the cable up and then when it starts releasing. Is this corerct or is there a fault somewhere else causing this?

    Anyone any ideas or thoughts.


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    Sounds like the solonoid is faulty...should be a cheaper option than what you did before.
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