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    diericx.........Saw this in your other thread but thought it might be better to post here as this thread seems more detailed regarding your current repairs:

    Originally Posted by Sinical
    Adequate back pressure is required on any bike. Without it, the overall power will suffer dramatically. It'll also make the power band while shifting much less smooth. Oftentimes, the power can really suffer in the low gears and then pick up steam at WOT (think drag bike w/straight pipes, but no comparison to street application)

    *your reply* : I think this is exactly what's happening to me. I chug picking up speed but sometimes when I manage to get up there it starts to accelerate like crazy (or at least crazy relative to what it is in lower gears). Does that sound right?

    Yes, it does sound right to me, but I do need to clarify that I've never owned or worked on a 2-stroke and was answering from experience with 4-strokes. Altho' there may be some similarities between 2 & 4 strokes, the motor dynamics are like different animals. Aussie Steve provided some great insights (that I'm also learning from, same as you) about back pressure/2-strokes and we can see the added element of scavenging during the intake/exhaust phase and how back pressure pertains there.

    In an attempt to redeem myself......LOL!'s a vid that you might find helpful regarding reed valves:

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    Quote Originally Posted by diericx View Post
    are you saying that muffler on Ebay could be so bad that it would be the same as a straight pipe?? That would suck
    Yes, exactly.
    The internal baffles usually rust out before the outside goes.

    And then some owners cut out the baffles on purpose.

    Whatever you get you should ask if it still is 100% in stock condition.
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    @Sinical That tutorial is great! I'll look into getting new reed valves and I'm thinking of just replacing the carb, it looks pretty messed up.

    @EasyRider I bought one off ebay for $130 and it looks like it's in almost perfect condition! Got new gaskets too so I'll throw that on in a couple days and hopefully it runs a bit better

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    Any leak at the exhaust can cause dificult running issues...2 strokes can be hard to get running right...often it is simply the fuel/oil mix ratio or the slow/fast idle settings...if it has them.
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