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Thread: Gs650g

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    Hey I'm new to the site, but I just bought a Suzuki GS650G I believe it's a 82. But it has been running decent in town only issue has been kind of a high idle. But it has left me stranded on the highway 2 times now. It starts to lose power and eventually stalls out. After pulling off the road it sits and cranks but won't start. Well today it did it to me in town after only driving maybe 10blocks.
    I didn't know where to start looking first,but I will be changing oil/filter and spark plugs on Monday then was going to throw some fuel system cleaner in the fuel tank.
    if anybody has any other tips or ideas they would care to share with me I would appreciate it
    Sidenote I am an auto technician so I'm going to be working on the bike myself just will be the first I'll be working on

    thanks in advance

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    If it has a fuel filter, change that.
    If it doesn't have one.......put an inline one on it when it's running good again.

    Sounds like a fuel starvation problem.
    Could be a clogged fuel tank vent, creating a vacuum in the tank and choking off the flow.
    If it has a fuel pump, that could be the problem too.
    If it has a vacuum operated petcock, there could be a vacuum leak or failed diaphram causing the fuel to shut off. You can test that by running it on PRIme for a while.

    Fuel system cleaner is a good idea.
    Berrymans B12 and Gumout are the best.
    SeaFoam is NOT.
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    It is a vacuum operated petcock, after it acted up I tried switching the fuel switch to prime and reserve with no help, just crank no start
    I will definitely take your advice of adding a fuel filter and the cleaner brand. Thanks for that
    How do I check the vent for the fuel tank being clogged?

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    Simply pop the fuel cap open when it does it again. Checking the system will need a diagram of the fuel evap system. You may have to service the carbs but try the fuel system cleaner first....a blocked jet or float needle may the the culprit and will probably clear using the Ken... said a good quality one...left overnight is the best option.

    Removing a plug will confiorm if it is fuel starvation since the plug will be dry. If its wet then the problem will more than likely be electrical.

    good luck and post your results.
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    Well I believe the problem was with the fuel switch,it seems to run fine now that I ran some fuel cleaner through it. Plus she seems to hate regular pump gas so I am only putting premium fuel in it now


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