1979 suzuki carb tuning issues
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    1979 suzuki carb tuning issues

    I just recently bought a 1979 Suzuki gs750l. I rebuilt the carbs and cant seem to get the mixture screws set correctly. I have the fuel screws 2 full turns out and the air screws about the same. The bike runs like it is not getting enough fuel. HELP! Please.

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    Maybe it isn't getting enough fuel.......or is getting too much air.
    Do you have stock air boxes and filters in place ?
    Could be a vacuum leak too.
    Does closing the choke part way help any ? Choke needs to be left partly ON until it warms up good.

    "fuel screws" disappeared about that time and they mainly affected the mid to high RPM ranges (main jets)......and aren't present anymore.
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    Do a plug chop...I watched a youtube of a guy with a GS 1000 and he had the scews set to 2 turns out each but he was running pods so that may have needed that setting. Typically if the engine bogs down during acceleration the fuel may be too rich....hesitation during revving under no load indicates a too lean mix. The air screws are used to to set the idle so once that is good the mixture screws can be fine tuned to give the best performance. I suggest turning only 1/8 at a time. Also the needles can be raised on these machines....on mine anyway...so you may need to rais them by one slot. If yours are non adjustabe you can slip a small washer under the needle to achieve the same result.

    Good luck
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