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  1. Im new, and have "new" questions!

    Katana Planet Emergency Shelter
    I think this is good advise. I don't see anything wrong w/ a kat600 as a starter. That's what I have and I'd never ridden before I got it. I think it is a good bike to grow in because it is easy enough to control but has enough power to allow you to grow with it. I think a used one is a...
  2. Waxing with spray wax = badness

    Tips & Training
    toothbrush maybe?
  3. It moved !!!

    The Paddock
    Go to a J/Y and find another seat. Cut the ahpolstry and fill it w/ thumbtacs so the point faces out sew it back up and put it on the bike when you park it. Problem solved.
  4. Does riding a bike make you a better car driver?

    Tips & Training
    Funny, I saw this dude on my way home today that was talking on his cell phone while on his motorcycle w/ no helmet and flip flops. :-?
  5. Tire Options?

    Katana Planet Emergency Shelter
    I've heard the mezlers are supposed to be good.
  6. 1993 Gsx600f

    Katana Planet Emergency Shelter
    Dude.....(shakes head)
  7. Does your Kat start right away?

    Katana Planet Emergency Shelter
    My 95 always fires right up. I've driven in 28 degree weather so anyone who says they are cold blooded either has a problem or doesn't know how to use a manual choke.
  8. tire size matter?

    Katana Planet Emergency Shelter
    Well I went on a 300 mile ride today and I have to say I looooooove the new tire. I feel so much more confident while in extreme lean angles. I would recommend this change to anyone. Shea, I know what you're saying about the increase decreasing performace. My buddy has a 94 cbr and he went...
  9. Oil change capacity

    Katana Planet Emergency Shelter
    I always have to take the oil cooler line off of mine to get the filter out from behind the header so it always takes about 5 litres. I always run castrol actevo with a k&n filter. If you have the same header as me you will need to unbolt the exhaust from the rear of the bike and have someone...
  10. Bikers being pulled over by police

    The Paddock
    Oh well, maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part.
  11. tire size matter?

    Katana Planet Emergency Shelter
    Anyone ever run a different tire size on their katana? I have a 95 and the place that ordered my tire got the wrong size in. It's supposed to have a 140/80/17 and they ordered a 150/70/17, so it will be a little wider and a little shorter. Think I'll notice a difference if I use it? Will it...
  12. Bikers being pulled over by police

    The Paddock
    I wonder if radar/lazer works on motorcycles. I've driven by those signs that tell you how fast you're going and didn't even register on it. It seems like when a lot of people on bikes are pulled over the cops are either pacing them or they just get a warning (maybe because the cops don't know...
  13. handlebar risers?

    Katana Planet Emergency Shelter
    When I started riding mine I had the same problem. After about a month or so however the problem went away. Also, make sure you are sitting correctly with your back straight and not putting all your weight on your arms.
  14. 1994 Oil pan removal...

    Katana Planet Emergency Shelter
    This is just a guess but maybe it has some silicon gasket maker on it that is holding (glueing) it on there. Try tapping the sides of it w/ a hammer (lightly of course, you don't want to dent it) and see if it starts to move.
  15. Smoker or not???

    Off Topic
    been smoke free since may 26 2004 6pm