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  • digitalbroccoli ·
    they're completely stock, no mods. I'm not sure what they're worth...maybe 100? (make an offer if that's too high...they're just collecting dust in my shed)
    old new biker ·
    Hay there Dige,

    You mentioned that your stock pipes were available, and I responded to that post, asking if they were debaffled or if they were still stock, and for you to PM me with a price.

    You must not have gone back to the thread to see the response, and I should have PM'd you in the first place, so here you go........

    Are they debaffled?
    How much do you want for them?

    Oldie - Standing by..............
    Kijak ·

    I saw that you have mounted a side bracket, and have a question about it. i got one and want to put it on the left on the bolt above the rear axle, as I think yours was. I saw a thread asking this same question but I didn't quite see the answer. Is there an issue with taking that bolt out or am I going to get involved with a lot more serious stuff when I take it off?

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