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  • RevJoel ·
    DrBob, I'm not sure if you reply to visitor messages but I have a 1980 Suzuki GS550L that I would like someone to look at and tell me what it needs to get her running properly. I live in Roswell but am moving to Norcross in about 2 weeks. Any recommendations? Thanks!
    laxidasical ·
    Hey DrBob,
    I believe i have been hit with the Starter wire harness problem you have talked about in the past on my 2003 Intruder. Could you give me a site do buy from or a part number? I have been unable to successfully search for it....
    Cruizz ·
    I am looking for a front rim for my 1997 suzuki intruder vs800 /and really dont know much but i brought it cheap and i want to see if I can make it good again. difference between the suzuki intruder vs800 and the suzuki intruder boulevard s50 can they use same parts and wheels
    Daggi ·
    Hey Bob. We have a suzuki intruder 400. do you know if the Starter from any bigger Model fits to ours? Thanks for your help in advance regards daggi
    Hopper ·
    New to the forum and Enjoy your posts - great info. Started riding a Cushman in 5th grade and been addicted ever since. My wife, Monica also rides and teaches biology at the local community college. DCCCD
    SparhawksSabre ·
    Dr. Bob...I am new to this site. However, from readin many posts, I am estimating that you know quite a bit about motorcycles. I have an 84 Honda Sabre vf700s. Bought it cheap. Runs good, however, I recently changed the master cylinder for the clutch system. Since then, I cannot get any pressure in the lever at all. Im not a moto mechanic, so im sure im doing it all wrong. I did not bench bleed either, just dont know how, and the manual I bought just doesnt seem to be getting into my head a view on how to properly bleed the system., I actually blew the lines out with an air hose, because some dirt was in there. Theyre clean now, atleast. Other than that, the bike seems to lurch at higher rpms while in second and 3rd gear. Maybe this is a related problem? But I WAS able to get pressure before I changed out the MC. Your thoughts on this would be a blessing, if you have time:)
    B-MAN ·
    Dr. Bob, i have a 1978 Suzuki DS100 that I'm having trouble with. I posted a thread about the problem. Do you have any insight as to these bikes. B-MAN
    Geno61 ·
    Dr. Bob, I know you have replied to this questions before, but I cannot find it now that I need it! What oil filter do you recommend for the Suzuki S50?
    Thanks a lot.........Geno
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