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  • VII ·
    Heya, was wondering if you could make the m50 bike of the month winners thread a sticky. Whutcha think?
    leonidas ·
    Not sure, but new member Owenee might be a spammer.
    The link in his sig is an ad trying to sell a bunch of crap.
    Posted in "Top Speed" thread. First post.
    leonidas ·
    I noticed that a new member "Rosswater" made a bunch of meaningless
    posts today. Seemed sorta strange IMHO.
    Just wondering if something fishy is going on there,
    or maybe he's just a little off.
    Since you're a mod I thought I'd point it out.
    Rockhead ·
    What up Timmay all going good here busy as hell but good. Thought Id share the new toy Fun on the Fox Message Board :: View topic - Booty's new ride
    Still riding a little when I can dogs doing awesome. Another single summer so I get away with tons of hangovers. Hope all is well, drop me a email sometime I switch to u-verse so email changed to [email protected]

    If you hear from Joe let me know last I talked he was doing some military computer stuff, must have learned too much and was... ahem
    XHarley ·
    Thanks for the advice. Out of curiosity. What type of research can I do to find out what would best suit me?
    Rockhead ·

    Dude how’s it going? IV got a taste for some of your bbq please say you’re shipping this year?

    Unfortunate yes IV disappeared from MJ but haven’t forgotten all of you all. I still see Joe online but he usually likes to keep to himself. I still ride but a boating community has consumed my life as of lately where we meet up and party every weekend. I kicked the %%%%% (GF) last summer and have a few extra buck in my pocket now so I don’t mind the lifestyle.

    Thought drop a line and let you know im alive. If you every need to get a hold of me or shoot a dirty text or your drunk and in the neighborhood look me up.

    Paul Michalek
    [email protected]
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