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  • Hopper ·
    Hey JW, saw you are on line. It has been interesting following your bike mods and paint, very creative. I was looking at the weather sites and the average temp in Big Bend is mid 70's by the middle of March. We will probably stay in Fort Davis the first night and ride 118 and hwy116 the next day, stay in Ft. Davis again or ride over to Alpine for the second night.
    I will send you my cell number, but unless things have changed, cell phones are useless in Study Butte.
    I bought a little GoPro HD video camera, put a mount on my bike and have been doing little test rides around the neighborhood learning how I want to use it, and where I want the mount located, it's pretty cool. Hope everything goes smooth with the finishing touches of your bike. OBTW your ranger friend is more than welcome to join us for some riding and dining. It is always good to know a local LEO.
    Be well and be safe
    Hopper ·
    Saw you are on line, Hope you had a fine Christmas. Both of our bikes are in the shop, new rubber on hers and 5000 mile check and fluid changes on mine. Monica's spring break starts Monday, March 12. We will be leaving here Saturday the 10th and be in your neck of the woods Sunday. We plan to ride a couple of days in the park this year and need to know which roads are paved and which are not. We can do a comfortable 200 mile run before fuel. There used to be a little gas station at Panther Junction, is it still there? If it works out, we would enjoy a ride with you and if you cannot ride, let us take you to dinner at the Starlight or the 'cave' restaurant, it would be our pleasure.
    Have a Happy New Year JW.
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