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  • omegajim ·
    I have "retired" it, because the ecm is cooked, in my opinion.

    Most likely, a capacitor in the gizmo (ecm) went bad. I know this because I sliced the old one apart and found the components, all passive and quite frankly, just not worth the work.

    Am slowly tearing it down - and proof of how lazy I really am, will drop off the pieces for another guy to sell on the ebay.

    The bike by and large was pretty good, and with synthetic oil, it ran smooth and burned very little oil, not just very little for an old bike, but very little oil at all.

    The rear shocks were (are) completely toast, the front struts had the fork seals replaced about 5 years ago, and the brake lines (rubber lines) were getting spongy.

    Bought the concours nearly exactly a year ago and have not regretted it - m50s are all well and good, but after the xs, anything vtwin was just not going to cut in performance dept.
    hanksta1969 ·
    I see you have an xs850 i had one for 10 years, i sold it when i got my m50, toughest bike i ever owned, are you rebuilding it or making somthing new out of it? have you been to the yamaha triples website? lots if great info there.
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