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  1. 2003 vstar 650 won't start

    V-Star ship the enterprise
    I would take the spark plugs out, put the transmission in 2nd or third gear and turn the rear wheel to see if the engine will turn over without the starter. Then you will know if the engine is locked up or not.
  2. Virago 535 Low Charging of battery

    This bike sat for 15+ years with fuel in it. I went through the carbs (getting them off the bike was a real chore) changed all the fluids, a new battery and tires and cleaned it up nicely. the bike only has 8000 miles on it and runs great. I checked the battery charging at the battery terminals...
  3. Virago 535 Low Charging of battery

    It drops to about 13 volts. Do you think I should check the stator output with the engine running?
  4. Virago 535 Low Charging of battery

    Hello, my first post. My 1994 Virago 535 Charges 13.5 volts at idle, but when I rev it the voltage goes lower. Do you think stator, regulator , or dirty ground? Thanks.