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  • sukimoto ·
    Hey, just trying to find the right bike, I just got a smokin deal on a 2007 m50, and I've been reading all the interesting information everybody has. My first bike was a 600 shadow, what a perfect starter bike, then I had a Yamaha 1100 v-star classic awesome bike, then a Harley 1200 sportster (least favorite) at least I can say I had one and did not care for it too much. Now the M50, I've only had it two days, so far so good (I'm talking I LOVE IT) (I just want to always go outside and look at it). The power is adequate, I do not want the expense of a heavier more powerful bike, I'm all about fun at a reasonalbe expense if that's possible for a bike owner. Of course I'm ready for some accessories. First off I've been reading all this information about some risers, I would be much more comfortable with the handlebars back 2 to 4 inches. Can anyone tell me the cheapest way to go on that? I'm taking the bike for it's first service, the 600 mile, and I will talk to the service people about the riser/handle bar option but we're talking dealer here so I know it will be EXPENSIVE, so if anybody can give me some info on that subject it will definetly be appreciated. I look forward to reading and learning from everybody that posts their thoughts and information on this sight. thanks
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