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  • leonidas ·
    When I was there last spring, I rode down to southern Oregon with Gore and his wive
    before haveing to turn back. Didn't get to the Redwoods as planned.
    Anyway, there is a road near Crescent City-IIRC it brings you back to 5, but not sure.
    I have a map of Deals Gap that I would like to compare to this road, but I can't remember what it is.
    Do you know what road I'm thinking of. Plenty curvy. ???
    leonidas ·
    Jacky and I plan to be in Portland the weekend of
    Jan 22nd for my niece's wedding.
    I'm contacting all of you Or. people I know
    so we can maybe hook up for dinner, coffee...whatever.
    Lemme know.
    Bigs ·
    Saw a post of yours on the vulcan forum in regards to your grasshopper backrest. In particular, when you had the gusset welded in. I purchased one of grasshoppers backrests recently, no problems thus far, but strengthening it up a bit would be helpful. Can you describe (or send me a pic) of what you had done to yours? Thanks! Craig
    [email protected]
    leonidas ·
    Glad to hear it.
    3 or 4 others have said they'd come along, too, since
    I last send you a maeeage. Gor and his wife will ride
    as far south as Coos Bay with me before heading toward
    Roseburg. I'll lose OregonMike and Lew at Florence.
    I've been watching the weather hear: 10 Day Weather Forecast for Eugene, OR (97402) -
    I lived in Tigard for most of the 90s, and love the area. Can't wait to get out there again.
    leonidas ·
    Talked to Gor yesterday. (well, thru email anyway)
    We're wondering if you guys still plan to ride with us.
    Should be 10 or so if you do.
    chiefriceburner ·
    Hi Annie just wanted to get you opinion on your vulcan 1500, I have been looking at one, I have an m50 I am trying to sell first but am stronly considering this bike because of other reviews I read, how much of a power increase did it make? also at what speeds do you shift at? just wondering since the m50 is such a quick shift to each gear, i think i would enjoy a little taller gear ratio also somthing a little more worthy on the expressway.
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