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  • vhmike73 ·
    Wow....sorry about not replying to this; I'm in Iraq, so I'm not really paying attention to my forum accounts.

    As for the Corbin, I think it is a million times better than the stock seat. It's firm, but not uncomfortably so. It also sits you down and "in" the bike a lot better than the stocker, and provides a bit better lower back support.

    If you can stomach the cost, I'd say go for it. Keep in mind, Mustang is also making seats for the M50 now...though I've only seen one in person one time (when I was just about to leave for the sandbox).

    Again, sorry this took forever to get back to you! Good luck!
    synthz ·
    Hey I was looking throught the site and saw that you have the Corbin Classic Solo. I've been thinking about getting that but was wondering how nice it is compaired to the stock seat?
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