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  • leonidas ·
    When I was there last spring, I rode down to southern Oregon with Gore and his wive
    before haveing to trun back. Didn't get to the Redwoods as planned.
    Anyway, there is a road near Crescent City-IIRC it brings you back to 5, but :huh:.
    I have a map of Deals Gap that I would like to compare to this road, but I can't remember what it is.
    Since you've ridden that area, I hope you might know what road I'm thinking of. Plenty curvy. ???
    Y2K ·
    Sure wish I could but it aint happening,still got a long way to go to be back on my feet after 16 months unemployed.
    I'm making pretty good money now but have no free time and it will be a year before I get any vacation time again.
    leonidas ·
    We are beginning to plan our Beartooth Pass ride for this year.
    Will be the last weekend in July. I'll start a thread on it soon.
    Rickster came last year and had a great time. He's coming back
    this year.
    I'm gonna try to get Vinnie and Clint to be there this year, too.
    Here's hopeing you can get there! :bluethum:
    leonidas ·
    Jacky and I plan to be in Portland the weekend of
    Jan 22nd for my niece's wedding.
    I'm contacting all of you Or. people I know
    so we can maybe hook up for dinner, coffee...whatever.
    Lemme know.
    Y2K ·
    As a matter of fact I was,I was riding with my good friend Herb packing his wife on a black '08 Electra-Ultra.
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