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  1. Sudden ticking sound

    Mechanics Corner
    Maybe. Likely wouldn't hurt. And then you will have more/bigger holes to expell something if it is in there. You need to run the starter for a few seconds to throw stuff out......maybe.
  2. U-Turns! How and Where!

    Captain Crash's Pad
    Yes......what is the question ?
  3. Need help

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    It does....WHAT....??? We were talking about TPS and vacuum sensors. Two different things. A mechanical vacuum operated diaphragm is not a "sensor".
  4. Marauder won't start

    Mechanics Corner
    OK, well the fuel passages that likely are clogged are not in places that you can SEE it......usually. Good luck.
  5. Sudden ticking sound

    Mechanics Corner
    P.S. You are making the "reply" process here harder than it needs to be. Just click on "reply" and add you answer to the bottom of the quote that comes up.
  6. Sudden ticking sound

    Mechanics Corner
    The SPARK PLUGS. But.....if you didn't have the air box and intake off when you changed the gaskets, it is unlikely that you dropped anything into the cylinders. In that case, it probably is just a coincidence.......and you probably should have a shop look/listen to it.
  7. Sudden ticking sound

    Mechanics Corner
    I don't think I've ever heard of just replacing the carb BOWLS before. But yes, if you dropped something down a carb throat into the cylinder, that ticking could be the sound of a "time bomb" going off. I suggest that at the very least you should remove the plugs and run the starter a...
  8. Suzuki Boulevard - on the island of Tonga

    Mechanics Corner
    Is it "fine" at both ends ? That is, if you turn the back wheel, is it driving the gears at the other end that turns the shaft going into the engine ? If the shaft drive really IS good, then you are looking at taking the clutch or transmission apart and if you have no experience with that, it...
  9. Marauder won't start

    Mechanics Corner be more specific, is the fuel getting INTO the carb(s) ? Most carbs have a drain screw and nipple on the bottom of the float bowl. If you actually have a good amount of fuel in the bowls, then the carbs are likely gunked up internally. You are using full choke when trying to...
  10. KawasakiZ1000SX

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    A Kawasaki dealer ?? If you find one that does body work, they might put a dab of paint on it for you......for little or nothing. Do you really mean 3 MILLIMETERS ? I usually consider damage that small to be "character". :)
  11. Marauder won't start

    Mechanics Corner
    Is the fuel pump actually running when you turn the key ON ? And is it actually delivering fuel to the carb(s) ??
  12. Suzuki Boulevard - on the island of Tonga

    Mechanics Corner
    Welcome. Alas, there are about a dozen "Boulevards" or more, and they aren't all alike. What year and model do you have ? And what kind of final drive does it have......chain, belt or shaft ?? Sounds like something is broken in the final drive or in the clutch mechanism. It will likely have...
  13. Presentation and need help

    New Member Pitstop
    Welcome. Our spam filtering tagged you as possibly not being completely legitimate. Since NONE of your posts so far contain any actual information about your motorcycle, that doesn't look good either. But you will be allowed to make your own case here. I hope you act wisely.
  14. Need help

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    Bikes with carbs usually do NOT have a tps; that goes along with fuel injection. If the carbs have diaphragms on top, they could be leaking but I doubt they are made that way. I've never seen a "vacuum sensor" on a bike with carbs.
  15. Need help

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    Classic symptom of a substantial vacuum leak somewhere. But first, you need to be absolutely sure that the butterflies are mechanically closing like they should......and that the idle speed stop is not backed out too far. Your wording of "when I pull my throttle cable" makes me wonder about...
  16. GSX400e running hot on left side....

    Mechanics Corner
    Well that could mean two entirely different things. 1) That the left side is "normal" and the right side isn't firing at all......or not much. (As possibly evidenced by the pristine shiny right side plug.) 2) That it really is the pipes on the left side getting supper hot......because the carb...
  17. First bike advice

    I totally agree with that decision. But ONLY if it is a 4-cycle engine and it is less than 30 years old. (In other words.....if there is no glaringly obvious reason why it would not be a wise buy.)
  18. First bike advice

    WELL.....this kind of changes the whole picture. You did NOT mention that this would be your first ride in your previous some additional comments: A good running CB750 is NOT a good first bike.......unless you want to commit suicide. It is big, heavy and FAST. Way too much for...
  19. Cappy newbe clunky shifting

    Almost as important as the current temperature, is the LOW temp the night before. IF......the low was in the 20's, there sometimes is lingering ice or frost in shady spots. If there is heavy cloud cover, there might be lingering frost anywhere......all the way up to noon maybe.
  20. Suzuki gsx F 750 2002 manual!!

    Have you done any online searches ? If this is the shop manual you are talking about, there are some places that will sell you an electronic copy pretty cheap. If it is an owners manual you want, a Suzuki dealer might be able to get you a paper copy cheap.
1-20 of 455 Results