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  1. Who wants/plans on New bike this year?

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Have been kicking around the idea of selling the C50 and getting a ninja 650R. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!
  2. MC Winterization

    Tips & Training
    I ride year round. Last year I kept stabil in the gas. This year I haven't done anything.
  3. It's About the Patriots

    The Paddock
    Great write up. Thanks for sharing it. I love pic #5 in your series.
  4. Show us your oldie!!!

    Yep Suzuki...GS850...82 I think :bluethum:
  5. Show us your oldie!!!

    Tis Cack...can't forget a bike like that! Here's dh's oldie from our Redwoods-Crater lake ride: "][/URL]
  6. Pics from the PAC NW

    Members Photo Gallery
    There ya go...that'll keep 'em away:mrgreen: Those icicles are wicked scary.
  7. Pics from the PAC NW

    Members Photo Gallery're givin' away our secret! Awesome photos! What a great place to live and ride.
  8. Enough bikering over winterizing...Lets hear winter plans!

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    We ride all year...always on the lookout for that elusive, good-enough-to-ride day. No wonderful mods planned, but we need to figure out what's causing the new noise (exhaust leak maybe?). I think I'm ready to get a different bike next year, so maybe a new bike will be coming out of the garage...
  9. (09-08-05) Do you ride in winter?

    Motorcycle Polls
    Dh and I keep riding through winter. Well, so far this is only our second winter coming up. :) I rode to work today...rained on in the morning and again this afternoon, but still was good to be on the bike.
  10. Annie's first video Columbia gorge

    Off Topic
    Awesome Video, Annie We need to get up that way some day and ride the gorge. I gotta think Fall is the best time of year.
  11. Helmet review archive (read rules before posting)

    Motorcycle-Journal Haberdashery: Gear and Helmets
    Model: TZR Make: Shoei Model year/purchase date: 2008 Purchase price: $300 Color/style: Silver Visor option: clear Other features or accessories: pinlock system for the visor; chin curtain. Wind noise level (1-5): 5 Ventilation (1-5): 3 Weight (1-5): 3 Aero stability (1-5): Build quality...

    Volusia/C50 Getaway
    I'm a member there. Mostly just lurk. I seem to recall it took a few days to get through the registration process. kari
  13. My First Tour

    The Paddock
    Cool! Have a good one!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Where are you all a going anyways? kari
  14. A case for full face helmets

    Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    I have a full-face helmet, and a half helmet. I rarely wear the half helmet. I just like the full face better. It evens seems cooler in the hot weather...not that Oregon has hot weather like some of you folks down south. speaking of bees...geez, today one hit me that sounded like a ball bearing...
  15. National Ride to Work Day ??

    The Paddock
    I rode today...but then I would have anyways. Didn't even know it was ride to work day. kari
  16. Harbor freight tire changer

    Mechanics Corner
    Both our bikes need tires. Dh being a frugal guy is going to take the challenge to change them himself. He's looking at a tire changer with motorcycle tire changer attachment at Harbor Freight, and possibly a bead breaker. Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on these? Good? Bad? Any...
  17. I'm embarassed to admit I like...

    Off Topic
    Hello Kitty
  18. Greetings from Niagara!

    New Member Pitstop
    :welcomes: from Oregon kari
  19. Hey ya'll!

    New Member Pitstop
    Congrats on the vulcan. It's a great bike especially if you're new to riding. Easy to handle, but big enough to travel at speed. I've never taken a passenger and Dh and I never rode 2-up on it. When we rode together we took his bike. He rode the vulcan on the freeway a few times and said it...
  20. Hi from MI!

    New Member Pitstop
    :welcomes: from Oregon
1-20 of 112 Results