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  1. 1980 gs550 no spark whatsoever

    Mechanics Corner
    I have a 1980 gs550, I am not bike expert, but feel like I can diagnose problems regularly. However, I was riding down the road and my bike suddenly died. I couldn't get it started and realized I was getting no spark whatsoever, so I started running through a list of items I thought it could be...
  2. I am new the the forum hello and have a question about my GS850G Suzuki

    New Member Pitstop
    I Wanted to know it anybody knows if my 1980 GS850g airboots are compatable with the GS750G.GS1100G from 1980-1983 and has anybody had this same issue.My current airboots are as hard as a rock and I need new ones I found some good deals on ebay for the GS750 and the GS1100.Just want to know if...
  3. Overheating issues! 1980 gs550L

    hey everyone i seem to be having an overheating issue with my bike and i wanted to know how common this is.Its been hot around here lately, 97 degrees F and me and my friend have tried to go cruising but ol' bessie hasn't let me cruise longer than an 1hr at a time without overheating and...
  4. Starting problem GN400

    I just got a 1980 GN400 from a friend and it seems to only start when it wants to. I can start it sometimes with the fuelcock off and then turn the gas on once it starts. If I dont turn it on, it runs out of gas, of course, and then wont restart after I turn it on. Just looking for ideas of...