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  1. Dirt Bikes & ATV's
    Hey so I’m new kinda but anyways I have a 2014 suzuki rmz 250, I got it a little while back and I got it without a Kickstarter so I guess my bad but the bike ran good, you had to bump start it but soon after it started to not wanna idle when cold and it’s the efi model so I don’t even know much...
  2. Tips & Training
    Would love to get some opinions on this bike? Gonna be my first bike, $1500, nothing wrong with it. I am 19 years old and have already taken my safety course.
  3. Mechanics Corner
    Just blew the transmission on my '87 Honda Rebel cmx250c. I've found a '04 engine bottom with a good transmission, will I be able to attach it to my '87 engine top and mount it on my frame?
  4. New Member Pitstop/Introductions
    Hi there! I'm a new rider from Oakland, introducing myself ... I just bought the sweetest little 1995 Nighthawk and it's so much fun :mrgreen: Pleasure to meet yall ! - Seras
  5. Dirt Bikes & ATV's
    So guys. I Got a 97 rm 250. Looking for some pro tech help here. My bikes Got a bills pipe an fmf silencer / baffle. Rest is stock as far as I believe an I was told has boyeson reeds. The bike has always ran like a dog bottom end. Never has been a idler! Won't idle. I've cleaned filter. I've...
  6. Mechanics Corner
    I have what sounds to be a starter motor problem. Bike makes a scrapping and sometime screeching noise when I start it. After starting and warming up the bike stops making the noise the next time I start. Make an oil and grease of starter? Video of start and explanation here...
  7. Mechanics Corner
    Hey,I have a 2013 CRF250R and it blew and had it rebuilt 6 months ago. (Mechanic ported the head) Yep, bottom and top. Was grenaded. For 3 months would start when cold, so my mechanic thought all was good.. But every time I go ride for a while and it gets hot and then It won't kick start.. I'll...
  8. Suzuki
    I have a Suzuki gt 250 b 1978, and ever since I have had it there has been a charging problem. It had a dead alternator coil so that was re-wound, and now it charges but only with the lights off, when the lights are turned on the alternator doesn't charge and the battery voltage drops down from...
  9. The Paddock
    I'm new to motorcycle riding and wanted to thank everyone on here for allowing me to post this message. Hope to make new friends here. About 2 months ago, I decided to take the motorcycle safety training course and then immediately bought myself a Vstar 250. Well, being 5' 11" tall and about...
  10. New Member Pitstop/Introductions
    picked myself up a 86 sp125 a few months ago and have been looking for more info on it and stumbled upon this site. seems like it harbors a lot of good info too! now to pick your brains... i was wondering if anyone here knew what the largest engine that i could swap into my bike is without...
1-10 of 10 Results