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  1. First previously owned bike shopping advice.

    Just reaching out to the more experienced of riders. I am slowly trying to figure out what bike that I want. So far I have it down to a cruiser. I have taken the Motorcycle Safety course and had no problems passing- with many thanks to the excellent instructors. I have done a quick search but...
  2. Inexperienced owner of GS1100ex needs advice

    Hello, I recently purchased a 1981 Suzuki gs1100 that has been sitting in a shed since 1983. I have no experience with motorcycles and bought this one to rebuild from the ground up to help me learn before I started riding. I need some helpful tips and advice on where to start and what are some...
  3. Old Rider Seeks New Bike Advice

    The Paddock
    Hello I am a new member and need advice on getting a new bike in the near future. I am 44 and have ridden bikes for 20 years starting on an old Honda 70cc trail bike and winding up on a 86 750 Honda Shadow back in 1995. I have put nearly 100K on the trails and highways and usually rode about 4...
  4. Another first bike thread: FZ8

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    So here is my dilemma, I am almost 20 years old and am not new to the world of two wheeled transportation. I started riding dirt bikes at age 7, and racing at age 15. So my question is this; I hear many people advising against purchasing a larger bike for their first, which I understand and...
  5. starter Bike trouble.. Please help!

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    So i'm in a little bit of a pickle... i am looking for a new "starter bike" but i am kind of a bigger guy being 6'3" 215 lbs and i was originally looking into the ninja 300 and i noticed it was a smaller framed bike i was worried it would be too small but i heard that or the 250 would be the...
  6. Freeways and noobies

    Hey Again everyone, So here is my question.. So I'm a new rider, and i have had my bike for a few weeks. I live in long beach, and my family lives in San Diego. I wanted to go down for thanksgiving to go see them(i recently just told them i just got a motorcycle). I was wondering what you...
  7. Phoenix -> San Jose in 2 days...? On a just-bought bike...?

    Hi, I just found a perfect bike for myself. The problem is I live close to San Jose, and the bike is in Phoenix :) I have a few months experience 2 years ago on a 250cc "cruiser" (Suzuki GZ250) and the bike is an 800cc cruiser (Suzuki M50). I don't have any proper bike-gear, but some good...