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  1. Suzuki
    Hello :) I recently bought a 2006 Suzuki GSR 600. So far happy with it! There is a problem though. One of the previous owners have dropped and/or crashed it, so the mounting for the driver foot pegs have snapped off on both sides from the side bracket. The pervious owner solved this by welding...
  2. Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
    Hello all. I am begging for your help motorcycle gurus. I am having hell finding a decent windshield after a bird struck mine and broke it. I am also having hell finding solid bags and a wide seat. It looks like no one even makes Windshields or solid bags for this bike, and God forbid I find a...
  3. The Boulevard
    Oh wise ones - I managed to pop the horn button off the assembly with my impeccably manicured nails while cleaning my bike. The little widgets holding the button in broke off and I am looking at having the pleasure of buying a new Left hand switch assembly - horn, light, turn. . :stupid: So...
1-3 of 3 Results