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  1. Mechanics Corner
    Hello Motorcycle forum. I have a 98' VZ800 Marauder, I think it's a Canadian import. Anyway, I have a problem with my rear jug (cylinder 1) It seems to be misfiring. It takes 10 times as long to warm up from idle, the front jug exhaust header will be un-touchable whiten a minute while the back...
  2. Yamaha
    I was riding my bike in a relatively thuggish manner when out of nowhere it cut out, turned off and on key, it started for a couple of seconds and died. Tried push-starting it, it back-fired and still wouldn't start. Seems to be no sign of ignition...horn, lights, nothing when key is turned...
  3. Dirt Bikes & ATV's
    i was riding on the interstate when the bike backfired and lost power. i pulled over and waited. got it to start and went about a mile then pop pop! again lost power left it for about and hour came back and started it back up.( my uncle told me to put my hand behind the tailpipe to see if oil...
1-3 of 3 Results