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  1. Mechanics Corner
    [Total mechanic newbie, Suzuki Symply2 150 scooter] Could anyone help me diagnosing this issue? Scooter starts and idles perfectly As soon as I open the throttle past 1/4 engine splutters and backfires If I disconnect the air intake on the carb totally (?!) then she runs like a dream I've...
  2. Suzuki
    I have a 1998 suzuki marauder. When I first got this bike it ran ok but backfired a lot. Would only run on full choke checked the spark plugs and the front plug wasn't firering. Changed the plugs both are fireing now. Still was backfirering. And would only run on full choke. Now will crank and...
  3. Mechanics Corner
    Hi, I am a complete noob. I just got a 2005 S40 with 1535 miles. It obviously sat somewhere for a while. First day, it backfired twice when I rode it home...after a few miles. Called sales guy who told me not to worry, bike has sat, no biggie. I put about 200 miles on it, filled up with ethanol...
  4. Mechanics Corner
    I need help with my 05' V Star 1100 custom. I added Cobra pipes and now I'm getting a popping/backfire noise when decelerating and it sounds terrible. The bike runs great. I would appreciate any help I can get with this issue.
1-4 of 4 Results