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  1. Haven't started in 2 years gas and battery still in

    Mechanics Corner
    Hi, Looking for some advice on where to start. I hadn't had my 1996 Honda Shadow VLX 600 very long before I had to put it away. I haven't started it in 2 years. The gas is in the tank, oil is as well, battery is still on it and connected. It sat under a thin cover outside during a winter in...
  2. Thinking of buying 1981 Yamaha Seca 750, opinions?

    Just starting in the motorcycle world and was wondering if some experts could help me out. I am thinking of buying a 1981 Yamaha Seca 750 for $400. Currently it doesn't have back blinkers or a plastic cap for the tail light. The guy also doesn't have the ownership.. Thoughts?
  3. New rider shopping for first bike in need of advice

    New Member Pitstop
    Hi Guys, I got my M1 license about a year ago after taking the motorcycle safety course. While shopping for my first bike, I've come across three Suzukis: 2003 GSF 600 S Bandit $1995, 2004 GS 500 F $2395, and 2001 SV 650 S $3299. The three bikes seem to be in comparable shape and have...
  4. The same old question - beginner bikes

    Tips & Training
    Hi, I am considering buying a motorcycle when I get the chance (it's actually two years until I can get the license but I like to see what you guys would recommend anyways). I really like yamahas line up of both super naked and sports, but I think a real sport bike is something I will look into...
  5. 1978 gt185

    Hi, I was given a 1978 GT185 as a summer project while i'm back from uni as I wanted to learn how to work my way around an engine as i know absolutely nothing about this sort of thing. The bike itself was free which obviously i was thrilled about. The bike came in boxes so i couldn't take it...
  6. New Guy

    I know you all probably here this often but I just purchased a 2007 Suzuki GS500f starts perfectly fine however the previous owner had no idea about basic bike maintenance. The bike had about 10k miles currently, what are some basic Prevenative maintenance work I can do without having to take it...
  7. CB250 New rider, new to forum

    New Member Pitstop
    Hi there! I'm a new rider from Oakland, introducing myself ... I just bought the sweetest little 1995 Nighthawk and it's so much fun :mrgreen: Pleasure to meet yall ! - Seras
  8. Another first bike thread: FZ8

    Sportbikes & Sport-tourers
    So here is my dilemma, I am almost 20 years old and am not new to the world of two wheeled transportation. I started riding dirt bikes at age 7, and racing at age 15. So my question is this; I hear many people advising against purchasing a larger bike for their first, which I understand and...
  9. Purchasing my first sport tour

    Suggestion Box
    I am in need of some advice! I'm looking to buy my first sport touring bike and I need something with comfort and durability. It is my first bike so I am not looking to "break the bank" but I also don't want to buy a cheap bike that won't last. Shoot me some suggestions of bikes that you...
  10. Battery Help... ASAP

    Hello, So i'm at school, and i left the key in my bike and my battery died. Someone had one of those emergency jump starters and i got it to work. This is my first bike, so i feel kind of stupid, but we all make mistakes right? I was wondering is there any thing you can buy that you can keep...
  11. First timer seeking advice

    The Paddock
    Hello all, Good to be here. Seems like I landed on the best place for a sound advice. So I've been taken by Cruiser bikes lately and I've been determined to buy one (most likely a 400cc Honda Shadow). Here's the deal: I'm 28, I grew up as a inline skating kid, wasn't much of a bicycle guy, a...
  12. New Bike/ Upgrade from a 125cc scooter

    Hey Guys, This summer i'm planning on taking a riders course to get my license. Once i have my License i plan to save up for a cruiser. I have a 125cc yamaha vino, which is great i love it! i live in the city, and it is so convenient! I have laid it down once, and bumped into a side a few...