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  1. Suzuki
    Hello everyone, I bought this wonder some time ago. It is an '86 vs700, I have the serial number and all the oem codes, but I am in the Dominican Republic.... Spare parts do not exist here and everything has to be ordered on the internet and transported here. I have an address in Miami of...
  2. Cruisers
    Hello all I have a quick question about the forks. I have to replace some forks and found a pair thats 2004 can those fit on a 2003 model I need to know befor I buy them thank you.
  3. VTX
    I just buy a new ecm for my VTX 1800 T 2008 Because the bike did not start The problem was only a fuel pump fuse and the new ecm never was installed If somebody need a original Honda vtx 1800 t 2008 ECM is at half the cost. please contact me at 281 841 8258 Serafin
  4. New Member Pitstop/Introductions
    Hello all I am a new rider, I have had my license for about 3 years but only have owned my bike for 1 year. My problem is I just moved to the Seattle Washington area and my bike is down. :-(. I do pretty much everything myself but in Cali I had someone to call on when I was stuck on a problem. I...
1-4 of 4 Results