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  1. 93 intruder rear blinker bulb, 90 degree post arrangement.

    Big Bike Barn
    Hey guys, I share a 93' intruder 800 with my father in law. For whatever reason when get first got the bike he claims he changed the rear blinker housings. They worked fine until one of the bulbs blew out. Thinking it was no big deal I went to replace the bulb at my local shop, when I realized...
  2. 2002 DR200 - tail light and right blinker have no response!

    While riding someone indicated to me that my rear lights were out. Upon inspection I realized my tail light & tail right blinker do not stay on. I have verified the bulbs are good and for some reason the left blinkers and front work fine. The front right blinker does stay on but no blink when...