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  1. Getting There and Back: GPS & Electronics
    Hi All, I am trying to make a module that can make any helmets safer and smarter. It is still in design phase and I would love to know more about what you all think about the product and your feedback for the same. Features of the product include- Crash detection with intelligent SoS...
  2. The Paddock
    Being frustrated with the scratching keychains do to our bikes and forgetting the key in our pocket with gear all on, my brother and I have made a bluetooth keyless start system for motorcycles. It allows you to pair you bluetooth phone to our device which then allows you to start your...
  3. Market Watch
    Hi, For all of you who own an Android phone and a motorcycle (just like we do :D) we have developed a free application that lets you talk with your passanger or with other motorcyclists near you over bluetooth. So free voice, and no wires! You can find the application on the Android Market...
1-3 of 4 Results